The ex-wife of oligarch Kristina Sysoeva told about the fight against cancer

Экс-жена олигарха Кристина Сысоева рассказала о борьбе с раком The woman admitted that she was suffering from cancer. Kristina Sysoeva shared with subscribers of shocking news. Fans were quick to support the socialite.

Socialite and former wife of a British billionaire Kristina Sysoeva leads a luxurious life – rest in prestigious resorts and attends a variety of events. Recently, however, the young woman decided to visit one of the clinics on the famous London Harley street, where now are many private medical institutions.

Kristina came to support the girl who is now in hospital and fighting cancer. Sysoyev published a photo together with the patient and shared shocking details of his life: as it turned out, the socialite herself has struggled with cancer.

“Get well, baby! All prayers for you. I beat cancer and you can,” wrote Christine in the microblog.

This recognition has excited subscribers Sysoeva. They could not believe that the young woman had to face serious illness. Followers of Christine peppered her with questions about treatment. Ex-wife of tycoon thanked the fans for attending and spoke about the ailment.

“Yes, my dear, I had cancer a few years ago, I’m cured. And changed my life for the better – learned to appreciate the simple things in life and how to truly enjoy. I can say that it was the best thing that ever happened to me. In such a situation you must not give up, you can only fight and pray for the best,” wrote Christina.

Netizens were amazed by the candor Sysoeva. They supported her and wished health. “The greatest happiness is to win a victory over this disease!”, “Are you a real fighter with the heart of an angel”, “Christina, may God give you health and strength! Be happy!” – wrote followers.

Kristina Sysoeva became known in the UK thanks to reality TV’s Meet the Russians. In Russia she became the heroine of the talk show where he talked about the luxurious life in London. The woman admitted that she lived with her husband and two children in Paris. She had six servants, including a personal Secretary and a Butler. For Christine luxury familiar from childhood – she was born in a rich family, and then went to London to study. Justification Kristina Sysoeva tempered the anger of the public