The ex-wife of Oleg Yakovlev evicted from apartment

Экс-жену Олега Яковлева выселяют из квартиры
Alexander Kutsevol at any time can be on the street.

Oleg Yakovlev and Alexander Yakovlev

Photo: @sashakutsevol Instagram

The civil wife of Oleg Yakovlev, who passed away last
in the summer, may at any time to be on the street. Under the will, which the artist
made shortly before his death, all the property of Oleg, including several
apartments, will get his niece. Name Alexandra Kutsevol the document does not

Now Kutsevol lives in the apartment of the artist in the near future
she will have to change their place of residence. reports that Alexander intends
to challenge a will in court. However, lawyers doubt that she will succeed,
as officially her marriage with Oleg was not registered.

The death became for her a serious challenge. Alexander
still in pain and often recalls Oleg’s social network page
dedicated to the memory of the singer. “At the beginning of January last year we were vacationing in
The Dominican Republic, says koziol. — Got some marine
tour-a walk. From the ship to the island were transported on boats, Michiel
fooling around, made faces at the camera… We joked, laughed, rejoiced
life. It was a wonderful day! And like yesterday… don’t understand that
happens over time? It exists at all? Or we are all in the same
long day… My big baby, miss you, love!”

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