Экс-жена Константина Меладзе открыла правду о воспитании сына-аутиста Recently Yana was created a center to help children with this diagnosis. A woman makes every effort to help not only his son but also other children.

      Экс-жена Константина Меладзе открыла правду о воспитании сына-аутиста

      Few people know that the famous producer and his ex-wife Jana Amounts growing up the son of Valerian, who suffers from severe autism. About the disease the kid’s parents found out seven years ago. Since then, the boy’s mother is constantly looking for new treatments, attends specialized seminars and lectures. Now Valerian for ten years. She decided to help other families with a similar problem and opened in Kiev center of ABA therapy (Applied behavior analysis – applied behavior analysis) for working with autistic.

      The right to life

      “Valerian-2.5 years old was a normal, active and curious toddler, like his peers – says Jan Amounts. – Crawled, ran, sang and even spoke. A little strange we blamed on a particular character. There were no signs of trouble. Remember how Kostya came home from work, the children ran to meet him. Dad took turns tossing them up and Valerias all the time kept saying, “And then Valerie, then Valerie…” One day walking with his son past the stand the memory of one doctor, said to him, “Dr. smart was, people treated”. Since then, he uttered this phrase whenever I was in the wrong place. And for three years began the regression, but we did not immediately understand. Thought is capricious, and he was losing acquired speech and communicative skills, couldn’t even serve himself. Later we were told that the speech of Valerianic was not conscious. All children up to three years of experience as a voice recorder, repeat the words of others.”

      Экс-жена Константина Меладзе открыла правду о воспитании сына-аутиста

      Therapy of hope

      Meladze, Jr., passed all medical tests but they have not made clear what triggered the inhibition of the development. Valerian was diagnosed with autism. Jan daily deals with a boy, even attracts experts from Israel, exchanging experiences with mothers and fathers of the children. On one of the parent meetings, she met with Igor Sharovym.

      “It turned out that Igor genuinely wants to help not only her but also other children, – shares with “StarHit”. We talked with him on the subject of creating a center for children with autism spectrum disorder. When I finished, he offered financial support really helped us. If ten years ago I said I with his easy demeanour would be doing it, wouldn’t believe”.

      The wife of Konstantin Meladze told about the illness of his son and divorce

      Center Jana Sums is the method of ABA therapy that was invented in America, it is one of the most effective ways of behavior. According to Amounts, the training and development of people with autism is certainly important, but the main problem of these children is not speech and not the solution of the equations, and socialization.

      “Communication and interaction with other people boys and girls with autism spectrum disorder almost never work out,” says the Creator of the center. – But a year and a half ago, my son still had a friend. Ivan and Valerian the same diagnosis, and that the children were able to communicate, is a miracle. True, the first had van for a little exercise to work on his behavior. In General, he showed us the ropes”.

      Экс-жена Константина Меладзе открыла правду о воспитании сына-аутиста

      With her ex-husband Konstantin Meladze Yana communicates primarily on parenting issues. Two years ago, she remarried businessman Oleg.

      The ex-wife of Konstantin Meladze told about their wedding

      “I can’t imagine how I’d get by without a loved one, admits Sums. Recently Valera went to bed, jumped on the bed and split her eyebrow. Oleg left me at home with my daughters, and with the “pilot” in the middle of the night rushed to the hospital. I was calm and confident that her husband will take care of Valere”.

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