The ex-wife of johnny Depp no longer hide an affair with a billionaire

Экс-жена Джонни Деппа перестала скрывать роман с миллиардером The ex-wife of johnny Depp is Dating Elon Musk. In microblogs of celebrities appeared first joint photo. The snapshots that stars shared on social networks, has caused a storm of emotions among the public. Depp fans accuse actress of greed.

For a long time, the Western media discuss the information that 31-year-old amber heard, ex-wife of johnny Depp, is Dating 45-year-old entrepreneur Elon Musk. Until recently, the celebrity has not confirmed the information, which is actively exaggerated in the press. But yesterday on Instagram amber appeared a picture that caused a storm of emotions among the public. Ex-girlfriend of one of the most popular actors in Hollywood shared a joint photo with the businessman.

“Boldly,” wrote Hurd on Instagram.

The same frame tweeted himself Elon Musk. In this regard, many social media users decided that the stars confirmed their romance, which was discussed in the press. “Cute”, “Elon!” “Look good”, “Are you Dating?”, “A lovely couple”, “Be happy”, “Wow,” wrote the fans of the celebrities.

At the same time, other Internet users have come to the conclusion that the Mask and the herd decided all to play and some started to criticize the famous blonde, remembering her scandalous divorce with johnny Depp. “Elon, don’t trust that woman”, “Run”, “Your career will be ruined”, “don’t you remember what she did with her ex-husband?” – comments left in the blog of the entrepreneur.

Earlier, an anonymous source close to amber heard told reporters that she plans to stop to hide his new passion from the public. After the blonde put the final point in relations with the star of “pirates of Krebskolonie”, she is determined to find happiness in his personal life. Heard friends say that she’s very serious, and the Mask corresponds to the chosen one in return.

“Amber encouraged by the fact that it will be able to speak openly about the relationship with Elon. During Christmas she told my friends that struck Mask on the spot. They are already building joint plans, because it is free to start a new life. This is a new Chapter for both of them”, – told reporters the insider after the actress officially divorced johnny Depp.

We also add that Elon Musk is an engineer, entrepreneur and inventor. The man is the CEO of SpaceX, and is the head of Tesla Inc. and is on the Board of Directors of SolarCity. According to Forbes magazine, his fortune is estimated at 10.7 billion dollars.