Экс-супруга Ивана Краско обратилась к его молодой супруге Natalia Val thought about a relationship with a famous actor. According to the former wife of Ivan Krasko, he did not share its Hobbies, this connection between them is constant misunderstandings. Wall also hinted that the artist allegedly was constantly jealous of her.
Экс-супруга Ивана Краско обратилась к его молодой супруге

Ivan Krasko and his wife Natalia Shevel married September 2015. At the time, the decision of the people’s artist of the Russian Federation to get married with a young girl provoked heated discussions and even some condemnation from the public. However, the spouses do not cease to show the family idyll and adequately respond to the attacks of ill-wishers. Recently, Ivan and his fiancee become the heroes of the program “live”, in which he spoke of their problems with housing.

Ivan Krasko is likely to remain without a roof over your head

The talk show also interviewed ex-wife of Ivan Krasko, Natalya Val. The ex-girlfriend of actor was younger than his 47 years. The age difference did not prevent the couple to raise two sons. Natalia broke up with Ivan Ivanovich after he met another man, younger. On hearing this, Krasko wrote to Val her share of the apartment on the Fontanka.

Экс-супруга Ивана Краско обратилась к его молодой супруге

While talking to journalists, Natalia stated that it disagreed with Ivan Ivanovich due to different views on life. According to Val, the husband did not share her Hobbies, which caused mutual misunderstanding.

“I just left the family. I initially went not to a specific person, but just did not feel the strength to be with him. He resented me for my youth, my desire to go somewhere and something to do that he didn’t seem like. I think that with the younger spouse I wouldn’t have such problems,” said the woman.
Экс-супруга Ивана Краско обратилась к его молодой супруге

Ivan was somewhat discouraged by the ex-spouse. He denies that jealous ex-wife because of her age. As noted Krasko, they Wall parted without quarrels. In the time between the couple had a Frank conversation, spreading all the dots over “i”.

Экс-супруга Ивана Краско обратилась к его молодой супруге“No, guys. I understood it all. I said to her: “Tell me, please, something’s going on? You will be freer and better to live, if you tell me honestly.” And she said to me. And here it is strange, I did not expect this from Natalia,” shared Ivan.

Presenter Boris korchevnikov asked the current wife of the famous actor, how she reacted to the statement by his ex-wife. “Natasha, these words Natalia Vial want to warn you, they say, you’re younger than me and you what can threaten” – with these words the journalist appealed to Shevel. The young woman stated that he has no right to judge previous hobby paint.

“I’m a Scorpio, and my strength will be more, – said Natalia. – It’s their family, they had their relationship, I don’t know what they had.”