The ex-wife of Ilya Averbukh called the true cause of the break up with him

Экс-супруга Ильи Авербуха назвала истинную причину разрыва с ним Renowned coach and figure skater Irina Lobacheva in the program Oksana Pushkina “Mirror for the hero” has told, how there was her life together with Ilya Averbuch and how her adopted parents of the athlete.

      Экс-супруга Ильи Авербуха назвала истинную причину разрыва с ним

      Irina Lobacheva – honored master of sports of Russia, the figure skater, who won silver at the Olympic games in salt lake city in ice dancing. Athlete 12 years has lived in marriage with Ilya Averbuch. Visiting Oksana Pushkina, Irina remembered how was their life together.

      “We lived a very good, happy life with Averbuch. Let us sometimes and there were some difficulties. We had a beautiful son,” said Lobacheva.

      The couple began skating together in 1992 under the guidance of coaches Natalia Linichuk and Gennady Karponosov. Between the partners fell in love, so in 1995 they got married.

      “Ilya didn’t do as such, the proposal. We had no wedding as such and white dress. It was all very run. We went to Kokosinski the registry office on Monday, when nobody was painted, I worked there his grandmother on his father. I came in a decent suit from Japan. Ilya promised to come in an hour but arrived in half of the third. I stood and waited for him. He arrived in dirty jeans, a dirty car, as it has pierced a wheel. The electrician and the cleaner signed as witnesses in the registration book,” recalls Irina Lobacheva. However, it did not consider that their whole love story ended in divorce due to the fact that began so messy.

      Экс-супруга Ильи Авербуха назвала истинную причину разрыва с ним

      In 2005, the couple was born a son Martin. But at this time, Elijah began to move away from Irina, he was traveling. In 2006 start the show “Dancing on ice”. After the start of the project the couple began gradually to disperse.

      Irina told that during the life of Elijah and have not found a common language with his mother, but got on very well with his father. “It was very disappointing not for myself when bullied, and when he touched my family, my brother has cerebral palsy patient, my mother. I wanted to break up, to break. It was for nothing. When I was in the third month of pregnancy, sverknuv told me: “You will give birth to a freak”. Elijah did not defend me. If I had called in that family, of five to ten from there I flew since I was there bad.”

      “Averbukh – sissy, at least, was so” – said Irina. Some viewers supported the skater, noting that Ilya Averbukh too largely indulged his mother.

      Экс-супруга Ильи Авербуха назвала истинную причину разрыва с ним

      At the moment Irina Lobacheva not ready for a relationship, she wants to grow up from the son of Olympic champion. The skater said that subsequently will look for any man, the complete opposite, but not like Elijah. “I’m happy. Happy in their children, in their work. I have a kid, very intelligent, flexible, educated. I have a nice apartment, I’m fine”, said Lobacheva.

      At the end of the program at his reflection in the mirror athlete wished to remain as beautiful as now. “I have a lot of experience, much gained from this life. Really want a second child and Olympic champion, which I should bring up the” – summed Irina.

      After parting with Ilya Averbuch personal life of Irina Lobacheva everything was not the best way. One man figure skater died of a heart attack, and another fell from the window in winter 2015. Despite what happened in her life tragedy, Irina believes that there is a man who will love her and surround with attention and care.

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