The ex-wife of hockey Radulov is pregnant by a married FSB

Экс-супруга хоккеиста Радулова ждет ребенка от женатого сотрудника ФСБ A new partner Daria Dmitrieva already married, with two sons. Despite the fact that the man is still not divorced with his wife, gymnast believes he will soon leave the family and make her an offer of marriage.
Экс-супруга хоккеиста Радулова ждет ребенка от женатого сотрудника ФСБ

Big wedding in the Greek style, born a few months after the triumph of the heir to the family fortune gymnasts Daria Dmitrieva and hockey player Alexander Radulov looked bright. However, after a year and a half the couple suddenly announced the divorce, after which all property is left at the athlete – such were the conditions of the marriage contract.

Having survived the separation from the once loved one, the girl seems to regain its happiness. Now Dmitriev is pregnant by a new chosen one – a 30-year-old intelligence officer Igor Semchenko. The man is also interested in sports – playing for the football club “Anchor” and is fond of Sambo. It is true that the Union is far from ideal – Igor is married and has two children. But, apparently, Daria is not confused – she says that he doesn’t live with his wife, and soon is going to break up with past relationships.

“He’s still not divorced, but have not lived with my wife. Soon we will move in together and get married,” – said Dmitriev.

Meanwhile, Igor did not have a year to get a divorce with the mother of his children – it is during this time Semchenko and Dmitriev encountered. Perhaps the pregnancy of his mistress still pushing man into decisive action.

Экс-супруга хоккеиста Радулова ждет ребенка от женатого сотрудника ФСБ

It was rumored that one of the causes of family breakdown Dmitrieva became constant betrayal Radulov. Then the girl talked about the moral principles that it considered paramount in the relationship. Apparently, her notions of decency are not included Affairs with married men. “The initiator of the divorce was me. Alexander, a worthy man, a great father, but there are things that I personally can not tolerate that. There are moral principles! It’s still my fault. I thought people change, but it was a ridiculous mistake! Remember: one person for another will never change!” – wrote in the hearts of Daria after a divorce. Alexander Radulov is trying to bring back Daria Dmitrieva

As reported Super, gymnast with her new choices were introduced by a mutual friend a year ago. Your 25th birthday Dasha said with Igor, dining in one of expensive Moscow restaurants.

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