The ex-wife of footballer Aliyev asks to protect her from the beating

Экс-жена футболиста Алиева просит защитить ее от побоев Tatiana is suffering from abuse ex-husband. Despite the fact that the family of the famous football player, collapsed in September last year, the woman continues to live with Oleksandr Aliev and still finds the strength to move. She believes that the athlete must act like a man to leave the apartment for her and the kids.

      Экс-жена футболиста Алиева просит защитить ее от побоев

      Last spring, the community was shocked with the news that a famous footballer Oleksandr Aliyev beats his wife and children. The wife of the athlete Tatyana could not keep silent any longer, and therefore appealed for help to his friends in the social network. Despite the fact that the Aliyev family has broken up, they still live in the same apartment, and the woman continues to take a beating. Tatiana decided to have a Frank conversation with Andrei Malakhov on his difficult situation in the program “Let them talk”.

      The former defender of “Locomotive” has again beaten his wife


      From the first words of Aliyev could not hold back the tears. She believes that just by a miracle she managed to come to the Studio. Former spouse, as soon as I heard that she is going to the shooting, tried to dissuade her from this idea. Andrey Malakhov asked why a woman continues to divide with Alexander the same living space, despite the constant pressure.

      “I could rent an apartment, – tried to justify Aliyev. – if I didn’t have two small children, where they have their own room, school. Why do I have children to leave? If people decided that was more important to him “bun”, other women, cheating, and everything else, why can’t he do as the man just up and leave.”

      The program showed the Aliyevs ‘ flat – Tatyana admitted that the last time Alexander was drunk, but because the house scattered bottles of alcoholic beverages. She even tried to code, however, all attempts were in vain. The ex-wife of footballer doesn’t understand what happened with a former lover.

      Экс-жена футболиста Алиева просит защитить ее от побоев

      Oleksandr Aliyev also had the opportunity to Express what he thinks about the situation. He made himself a victim.

      “People have told me that I couldn’t believe how she walked, how she drinks, how much she was at home, who comes home, who home quoted. For six years continued. I must admit, I didn’t raise my hand. She provoked me, accused that I was cheating, I was tired of listening to it,” – said the footballer.
      Экс-жена футболиста Алиева просит защитить ее от побоев

      Alexander said that he raised his hand to silence his wife. He claimed that Tatiana attacked him with a knife.

      Experts have been wondering why the woman clings to a living space, and is not trying to stop the violence on themselves. Guests in the Studio was advised to pick up children and walk away from a former spouse. But Tatiana wants Alexander changed his mind and realized that he was wrong. However, experts in the Studio feel that the player after the broadcast was angry.

      According to Alexander, she wrote it in three statements, but the man did not intend her to take anything. He admitted that the couple were two apartments. Tatiana does not want to live in a house where there is no repair.

      In the Studio there was a former President of football club “Lokomotiv” Olga Smorodskaya, which could characterize the former ward. She believes that the collapse of his career and what is happening now in the family of ex-player – a consequence of weak character. Students confessed that Aliyev had problems with alcohol when he was a successful football player.

      Экс-жена футболиста Алиева просит защитить ее от побоев

      Experts in the Studio asked that now lives Tatiana. Aliyev said that she writes articles, helps her friend, PR Manager, she has a clothing line. However, it is not prepared itself to pay for the rented apartment, even if it will save her the suffering with the former spouse.

      The Studio came the wife of Roman Pavlyuchenko Larisa, who said that, first and foremost, a woman should respect herself, then the husband starts to treat her differently.

      Экс-жена футболиста Алиева просит защитить ее от побоев

      To support Tatiana came the ex-wife of another football player, Denis Oleynik. Zoryana said she gave birth to his ex-wife four children, however, did not tolerate his unacceptable relationship, so I left from men. The woman offered Tatiana to move in with her from Alexander.