На бывшую жену Дмитрия Тарасова сыпятся жестокие угрозы Ex-lover of a famous football player admitted that she was concerned one of podeschi. As it turned out, Oksana Osinkin faced with a very offensive statements. A young woman expressed outrage at the behavior of zlopyhaniya.
На бывшую жену Дмитрия Тарасова сыпятся жестокие угрозы

Oksana Osinkin, ex-wife of midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov raises his daughter angelina. Despite the fact that the couple separated a few years ago, some social media users continue to discuss their breakup. Recently Oksana complained about the inadequacy of one subscribers will.

Ex-girlfriend football player posted a screenshot of a comment of a woman who threatened her online. Oksana was asked to leave her alone. Osinkin said that such behavior is unacceptable.

“I urge never to leave such comments under each post. I don’t want to see or read this nonsense. Treat your head,” shared the former wife of Dmitry Tarasov.
На бывшую жену Дмитрия Тарасова сыпятся жестокие угрозы

It should be noted that the page of obesity Oksana almost empty, very few posts. Apparently, the woman, hiding his real name, enjoys football. She regularly comments on the matches on social networks. The publications of zlopyhaniya Osinkin do not recruit a large number of likes and comments. It’s possible that she wanted to draw attention to myself with activity on other pages Instagram users

Subscribers Osinkin supported her and advised me to block inappropriate commenters. “Horror”, “Idiocy”, “Nightmare”, “the Spring has not yet come”, “Aggravation”, “What nonsense. Oksana, you’ll be fine! Don’t listen to this nonsense”, “there is need to isolate”, “ignore”, “Nonsense”, “Hand-face” – discussed social media users.

We will remind that Dmitry Tarasov went with Oksana Osinkin in 2011. In this marriage the footballer born daughter angelina, which is in the middle of last year, was eight years old. Despite the breakup with Oksana, the athlete continues to devote time to the child and involved in his upbringing. Osinkin does not preclude meetings of angelina with her father.

Oksana actively maintains a blog on Instagram, which often shares his opinion about different events and consults with followers. Sometimes a woman answers questions from subscribers. So, once Osinkin commented on the work of Olga Buzova. She stressed that good refers to the presenter and aspiring singer. Oksana follows the activities of a celebrity. “I have no OLE, no offense, quite the contrary,” Osinkin said.

With regard to the current lady of Dmitry Tarasov, with whom he legitimized the relationship in January of this year, Oksana does not want to speak about a new relationship player. Members are regularly asked to comment on Osinkina hobby athlete Anastasia Kostenko, but she prefers not to speak on this subject.