The ex-wife of Denis Matrosov making out with new lover in Greece

Экс-жена Дениса Матросова уединилась с новым избранником в Греции Maria Kulikova gave to understand that her heart is occupied. The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” shared striking photos taken on vacation in another country. On one of the images, the artist poses together with a mysterious man.
Экс-жена Дениса Матросова уединилась с новым избранником в Греции

After a 40-year-old Maria Kulikova broke up with Denis Matrosov in 2015, the actress has preferred to keep secret details of his personal life. However, recently, the actress hinted that her heart is occupied. Maria posted a photo on Instagram where she is depicted in the company of a mysterious stranger. Apparently, it’s not just friendship. Kulikov looks relaxed and happy. Each celebrity chooses not to show his face.

Lovers, who are now in Greece, do not cease to enjoy the company of each other. They are happy to learn the sights and tasting the local cuisine. Companion Mary tries to help her get through.

“Romantic collection” – shared in the microblog Maria, intrigued its users.

Fans of the actress congratulated her and wished her all the best. In their opinion, Kulikov satellite look great together. Followers of the actress also covered her many questions, wanting to know more about her other half. “How beautiful! A pleasant stay”, “Who is the mystery man, if not a secret?”, “Happiness loves silence, right?” “What good”, “Love to you, Masha, endless”, “Physical appearance. Right romance at the resort”, “the Elegant”, “Charm,” discussed social media users.

Earlier, Maria Kulikova published a picture in which she is posing in chic wedding dress. As it turned out, the actress tried on dress on the set of another project.

“My countless cinematic weddings there are pros!.. Wedding cakes and bouquets! After shooting I usually fall to both!” – said the star.

In recognition of Mary, she is very often brought to play brides. The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” even lost count of the number of such roles. Therefore, Kulikov did not want a lavish ceremony with lots of guests. “For me, so it is better to take off for their honeymoon, bypassing all this food fuss is about! And its legal to drink champagne at the window,” said the actress.

Recall that Denis Matrosov and Maria Kulikova broke up in the winter of 2015 after fourteen years of marriage and the birth of his son Ivan. The new darling of the actor was Olga Golovina, who gave him the charming heir Fedor. Denis Matrosov hard transfers separation from the baby