Бывшая супруга Дениса Матросова насильно забрала его детей The actor is suffering because of this situation. According to Denis Matrosov, the woman does not allow him to see his sons. He did not call her name, but most likely, it was his first wife, Lyudmila Tatarova.
Бывшая супруга Дениса Матросова насильно забрала его детей

Denis Matrosov boasts dozens of roles in film and theater. Besides, the actor is happy in family life. He lives with his son and civil wife Olga. The boy who was born at Easter in 2016, his name is Fedor. However, to achieve harmony, the movie star had to make mistakes and be disappointed in people. In particular, relations with Lyudmila Matrosova Tatarovo and Maria Kulikova ended in divorce.

As told to Denis in one of his last interviews, the gap with his first wife prevented him to communicate with his sons. According to him, she literally isolated the boys from him.

“A few years ago I got violently emphasize violently deprived children. It was the decision of the woman with whom I have lived for many years, and after that person ceased to exist for me. Then she made a cruel lie to the press, on TV channels, she is a PR for me,” said the Sailors.
Бывшая супруга Дениса Матросова насильно забрала его детей

Recently in Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” Denis recalled that Lyudmila had left him and took the sons, saying that he had laid a hand on her. Now they are married, with another man, my stepfather. And Tatariv asked the actor not to meddle in their lives.

“I fought them by all means possible, not yet ran into a concrete wall and not to interfere with her personal life in which the children called father of another person”, – said the Sailors.

The actor was going through serious depression because he wanted to participate in the life of sons, and Lucy denied doing it. “The mother and sister were afraid I was suicidal. I now understand that was on the verge of” – shared Dennis.

As recognized artist, with the advent of his life wife Olga, much has changed dramatically. They met in the theater: the girl came to his show. Gradually, Denis and Olga know each other better and better, and then moved in together.

“Before her, I lived on the thumb – performances, photography, got a job – well, no work is bad. Olga the theater had no relations, she is the Manager. We have created a “theatre of Denis Matrosov,” said Dennis in an interview with “Interlocutor”.