Экс-супруга Бориса Грачевского вышла замуж
Anna and Tom got married at the jewelry factory.

Artem Kuzyakin and Anna Grachevskaya

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Anna Grachevskaya married: the wedding ex-wife of the Creator
“Yeralash” Boris Grachevsky prepared long and thoroughly. For five months
she planned the ceremony script, chose outfit of the bride, picky
was the guest list.

And finally, the best day came.
Anna married a famous basketball player Artem kuzjakina. The couple chose for the wedding is not only an unusual day — Monday, but also a kind of place — jewelry factory.

The holiday relaxed atmosphere prevailed: the guests
raised endless toasts to the newlyweds, happy to be photographed and
fooling around.

The filing of a wedding cake — a tiered confection with
white heart on top, was furnished with style. The cake was the screen on
which was projected joint romantic pictures of the bride and groom.

Choosing outfits, he and Anna focused on the classics. The groom
was in a black Tux and the bride in a classic white dress with lace
top and long veil.

The ceremony was organized by the European. On the red carpet
passed bridesmaids in matching purple dresses, then friends of the groom.
Only then appeared in the hall, the future husband of Anna, and with him the bride.

After a long applause the lovers exchanged
oaths of allegiance.

Recall, Kuzyakin and Grachevskaya met in the gym: a friend
Grachevskoe, which has long been friendly with Artem, invited Anya to the game it
team. Artem immediately made it clear that he is very cute. At that time Grachevskaya focused on
television career and did not seek to new novels. So to give vent to
feelings were not in a hurry. However, the development of relations did not prevent
distance (Anna works in Moscow, Artem — Peter), or the presence of both
children from previous marriages (Anya’s growing daughter, Artem — a daughter and a son).

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