Экс-жену миллиардера осудили за слова о теракте в Ницце

Kristina Sysoeva has complained that from-for the incident canceled the fireworks.

The horror that happened in the night from Thursday to Friday on the main street of nice, it is impossible to convey in words. A suicide truck at high speed raced through the sidewalks, crushing wheels of people gathered for a celebration on the occasion of Bastille Day. Those who tried to Dodge a huge car fanatic, was shot with a gun. According to preliminary data, the tragedy affected two hundred people: 80 were killed and over 100 injured. Among the victims are our compatriots. France grieves, the whole world is in mourning. Millions of people through social networks to Express condolences to the families of the victims. However, there were also those who, in their opinion, the attack lost something more – a chance to see the fireworks.

Sadly, but blasphemous “hero” – the ex-wife of British billionaire Kristina Sysoeva. During the attack the girl with a group of friends were on a yacht near the site of the tragedy. Reporters call the girl to ask about her health and safety. But Christina has shocked even the notorious cynics. Sysoeva told the correspondent of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that attack their grandiose plans for the holidays fell through.

“We tried the fireworks to get to Saint-Tropez. And when it came, we were told the news of the unhappy, terrified, were we in shock. All the French are in mourning specific, terrible. And fireworks and anything we got — and we’re just in shock. We are now on shore – we have security, we have security, we’re fine,” said the glamorous blonde.

It is not surprising that immediately after the publication of Cristina pounced in social networks. Don’t know about replica Sysoeva think the French who survived the terrible tragedy, but the Russians notably chastised Christine for this speech. Here are the most decent comments on the page Sysoeva.

“How would you say, if grief has touched your family?”

“Shame, salute her canceled! People died there, by the way!”

The socialite made an attempt to make excuses for what was said.

“Dear children, I did not appreciate the whole situation completely, so never mind. I really grieve. And I’m very, very sorry,” she wrote in her account.

But these words just seem more spurred outrage. After such a violent reaction of the people Christina hastened to close your account. But as they say, the word is not a Sparrow.

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By the way, at the hands of terrorists almost hit the Russian singer Sveta. According to the woman, her child by some miracle managed to avoid death. She announced to fans on his page in the social network.

“Thank you guardian angel… This is a terrible tragedy… my son went for 4 minutes before the attack. May God give the strength to the relatives and friends of the victims. And no matter what they were nationality. People died. Children. Family. Grieve.”

In addition to the Lights in nice at the moment, resting a lot, both domestic and foreign celebrities. Their experiences, they also shared in social networks.

Tina Kandelaki:

“Inexplicable cruelty… cruelty for Cruelty’s sake… All prayed to outlive the Euro. Experienced… And immediately the children at the resort become a target for new terrorist attacks! Where once people felt safe at any moment can happen the killing. Condolences to the families of the innocent victims. The people who organized yesterday’s massacre must be found. Otherwise, why would all these of the Ministry of security and intelligence services, if at any time on any promenade can happen… the Truck went and hit and shot people! I don’t understand, and the police where you were? How is this possible, and especially after what France experienced recently… I am very sorry that I fell in love with early childhood, still on the books, not even knowing her smell. I don’t understand why it systematically destroyed, and she obediently takes blow after blow…”

Victoria Bonya:

“I experienced a terrible shock when I found out about what just happened in nice. Just an hour before this incident my husband was a child in nice. Scary. From it NOBODY is insured! Look around… the feeling that one great EVIL is coming at us exponentially. We want to destroy, crush and intimidate. This is a terrible picture, which can only represent the parent or person with neutralnym consciousness. This child is just a few minutes ago watched fireworks with my parents, and with a speed of 80 km/h heavy truck flew into the crowd of people and went, knocking a crowd of people, as much as 2 km by killing more than 70 people, including children! How is this even possible? Sure, blame each one of us!!! Only when each of us sincerely ask yourself and find the answer to the question “HOW I CREATE”, will be able to stop this lawlessness. This is a war, and we make it! By indifference, the emptiness in his eyes and the desire to hide from the outside world, but would not look people in the eye… And maybe it’s time to take responsibility for everything that happens around us in our hands and together to create a safe life for our children?”

Santa Dimopoulos:

Can’t sleep … I was so close to this horror .. So many people dead, so many children … the World must be a safe place, not hell on earth. Politics, money and religion is not worth even one child’s life.

Rihanna (was on this day in nice, was not injured):

“Because of the tragic events that took place in nice, my concert, scheduled for July 15, is cancelled. Pray for the victims and their families”.

Many Russian stars Express their condolences to the families of the victims.

Ekaterina Volkova, actress:

“The morning began with news from nice. I write this, and the hands hardly get on the desired button. Shakes. How many lives took this night… 84. This is not the exact number. The attacks are becoming more sophisticated and deadlier. All of us today should be very scary. Because I can only imagine what will happen next. The Kingdom of heaven.”

Joseph Prigogine:

“Endless horror. When the authorities will Wake up? Honestly, I don’t know how many more people must die at the hands of terrorists, in order to see Europe finally realized that it was time to close up shop with the emigrants. Mourn with the whole world and I’m sorry.

Anna Semenovich:

“Stop, people… My condolences.”

Denis Klyaver:

“A terrible tragedy… Condolences to all the relatives and friends of the victims in the terrible terrorist attack in nice… No words.”

Irakli Pirtskhalava:

“Lord have mercy! Those are the only two words I want to say when you find out such terrible news. The Kingdom of heaven to all the victims, among whom is our compatriot, the health of victims!”

Alexei Yagudin:

“A terrible tragedy has occurred this night in nice… condolences to the French people and the families of the victims…”

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