Экс-супруга Андрея Гайдуляна рассказала о причинах развода: «Он предал меня» Diana ochilova does not communicate with her ex-husband. The actress broke up with Andrew Giulana last year. Despite this experience, she doesn’t get mad at people. The girl really wants to find happiness and to find love.
Экс-супруга Андрея Гайдуляна рассказала о причинах развода: «Он предал меня»

Andrew Hagolan and Diana ochilova had been married for a short time. Despite the fact that the couple met a few years of married life they had no taste. Apparently, the actor has really hurt the girl. In interviews, the man claimed that their relationship just went to “no”, and there was no treason. However, Diana’s posts on Instagram indicated the opposite.

Answering the questions of followers, the actress admitted what happened between her and Andrew. “He betrayed me, he didn’t want this, it so happened,” wrote ochilova.

Some members of a girl believed that it is very painful going through a divorce, and ceased to trust men. But she ochilova convinces the audience of your Instacarma: she’s fine.

“I’m not suffering, I’m not dying! This is “life”, as they say in the society. That’s my feeling and my opinion! Why? How? Why? Not raking! In the end, is sure: everyone should be happy! And each has it own! If I want family – Yes! Do I believe people -Yes! One person all not judged,” said Diana.
Экс-супруга Андрея Гайдуляна рассказала о причинах развода: «Он предал меня»

We will remind, surrounded by Giulana has repeatedly said that he had difficulties with his wife. A couple a lot of time to sort things out. “These relations have always been complicated. Lived on a volcano – argued and reconciled, and so the circle, said the insiders. They even took a break to save his family. But nothing came of it: the guys drifted apart and each went his own way. Andrei continuous shooting, Diana educated and engaged”.

After the divorce ochilova took them and even got rid of the extra pounds.A nutritionist has developed her own system of power and helped with the motivation. “This man found a key. He didn’t say something new and special, he just pointed out where to start. And you should start it with his head! As it turned out, to lose weight for someone and for something impossible. First and foremost, it is necessary to do for themselves. I figured out what I want in this life, but still don’t know how to come to this goal. This goal has excited in me a frantic excitement, in which the thirst for weight loss Merkle compared with the true purpose. But the main theme of the day became more ambitious values,” said ochilova fans.

By the way, Hagolan quickly recovered after the divorce. The star of the series “SASHATANYA” new girl now. He meets the actress Chekhov Moscow art theater Alexandra Oleskevich.