Экс-супруга Андрея Гайдуляна сомневается в его искренности Diana ochilova ribbed ex-husband recently told reporters about the reasons for breaking up with his wife. The girl made it clear, he did not believe in the truthfulness of the claims of Andrew Giulana, and accompanied the post ironic hashtags.
Экс-супруга Андрея Гайдуляна сомневается в его искренности

Ex-wife stars of the TV series “Sashatanya” and “University” Andrei Giulana Diana ochilova spoke about his recent interview. The actor divorced at the end of 2017 after a year of marriage. First Diana reported about the breakup with Andrew, and then the artist himself confirmed this information during a conversation with journalists.

Ochilova reacted to the statement of ex-husband on social networks. Hagolan said that “no one cheated” and called himself a supporter of family values. According to the artist, his heart is free, and he decided to concentrate on a career. In turn, Diana gave to understand that with humor reacted to the interview of the ex-spouse. She left ironic Instagram post, accompanied by emoticons and hashtags “come on, goodbye”, “Ochilov aloud” and “Dolce giulano”.

“I read an early interview. News of show business. The news does not lie, a tale to tell and not just for the night. They say, “the usual situation”, “value blah blah”, well and there on a trifle. As you say! Reputation, how well. Maybe it is better to remain silent, I think that would be best. It is the Council. Maybe someone closer to now give advice. What’s-her-name? Remember. “The work,” said Diana in social networks.
Экс-супруга Андрея Гайдуляна сомневается в его искренности

Followers Ochilboy advised her not to take everything to heart. According to them, Diana will again find happiness in his personal life. “Yes, forget it. You’re cool, you’re gonna be all,” wrote one of podeschi girls.

That married Andrew Giulana and Diana Ochilboy not everything went smoothly, it became known in November last year. This “StarHit” said surrounded by couples. “These relations have always been complicated. Lived on a volcano – argued and reconciled, and so the circle – shared insiders. They even took a break to save his family. But nothing came of it: the guys drifted apart and each went his own way. Andrei continuous shooting, Diana educated and engaged”.

Fans of the actor and have always suspected that among them there were contradictions. At a certain point Diana and Andrey together have ceased to appear in public, and after the concert Olga Buzova ochilova hinted that is going through a difficult period. “Thank you for the space show. Energetically charged of all of its people. And to be honest, before listening to your songs and realized that you’re growing up every minute, but now they are just my mental state,” said Diana.

After some time the girl left ambiguous Instagram post, hinting that ripped your marriage to Giulana. “Everything,” eloquently wrote of Diana, uploading a picture in a wedding dress.