Экс-супруга Александра Серова: «Я развелась с ним, чтобы выжить и не сойти с ума» Ex-wife of singer shared details of her life with the artist. Elena dared to tell, as the actor repeatedly beat her, cheated, and literally drove to madness. According to the women, all reports about her ex-husband on a talk show is a lie and slander.

Alexander and Elena Serovy had been married for 19 years. From this Union the singer in 1993, a daughter Michelle. He has repeatedly stated in numerous interviews that the ex-spouse abused alcohol, staged drunken fights, and he still suffered. The singer claimed that doted on the mother of the only heir and devoted only to her his famous hits.

Elena told in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi what really was family life with the people’s artist of Russia. The woman said that for a long time kept silence so as not to hurt the daughter.

“I decided it was time to answer, because it has become impossible. Us with Michelle ashamed to listen to it,” explained Elena.

According to the memoirs Serova, their love with Alexander, was born literally from the first sight. More than 20 years ago, Elena and her twin sister Olga became the heroine of a clip of the singer, his eyes on his future wife the artist has put into the casting and accurately distinguish them with Olga. “The first year of life with him – it’s sheer euphoria. I now understand that it was wrong, it is impossible so to love a man. Because he wants to take advantage of your love, your condition, and you won’t be able to change something. In this sense, you forgive all.” – shared Elena.

The ex-wife of the actor told that Serov has changed dramatically after the birth of the successor of Michelle. Since that time, she said, from the singer she had heard only swearing. Alexander even refused to sleep in the same room with her daughter. “He was cold, very rude at some points… And I have a little Michelle in her arms, she cried a lot, restless child was. We spent the night with her in one part of the apartment, and he in another. I slept for three hours. I, of course, helped the family come sister, mother. And he’s an artiste, he sings, goes on tour, he was not up to the child,” said Serov.

The woman added that even after the daughter, the light, the artist was not going to lead her to the Registrar. Just another scandal forced Alexander to formalize the relationship with Elena and record the daughter itself. “I came to Olga, to spend time with niece. And I was told to sleep at least a few hours. While I rested, she made dinner, fry cutlets for the whole family. At this time Sasha came back, tried what sister concocted. I was awake by the time I started to feed Michelle, suddenly Alexander comes running in to my room and shouted: “You! You that for the burgers to stick! I have heartburn!”I didn’t understand what was happening, started to cry, then he turned up Olga, he began to yell at her. And she was confused and said “who are you? You’re even child not recorded,” recalled Elena.

After this episode, Alexander decided to give Michelle his name. Couple with a child was poisoned in the Palace of marriage. “We got in the car, went up to Kutuzov. I, of course, was not done deals, but it didn’t have to. There, already sitting down, filling out some papers, he said, “Come on and we prove it here”, – said the woman…

Elena said that he learned about multiple infidelities famous husband using the “good” people. She regularly reported on the adventures of the singer.

“Virtue” brought on the tail… Who they were, of course, the whole country will not reveal. But I knew all their stories – absolutely true. One time I tried to get away from Alexander Nikolayevich. Michelle was then four years old, I knew that getting worse and worse. See, it accumulates, accumulates. It destroys you, but you hope that everything will be back as before. After another of his infidelity, I said, “Sasha, I’m divorcing you!”He agreed, but put forward a demand that the daughter remain with him, and I will not see it. Knowing about his relationships, this turn was quite possible. And, he is holding me back – blackmail,” admitted Elena.

The woman said that Alexander had a deep connection, for example, she acted as his personal Secretary, went to the tax, followed by documents. “I was interested this job, I lived it. But at one point it became impossible to save, and he has ceased to hide infidelity. I even thought that he did it on purpose, out of spite,” said Boris korchevnikov by Serov.

Despite the strained relations in the family, she has forgiven all the wrong husband and continued to love him. Now the woman regrets it. The last straw that overflowed the Cup of patience Serova, was her beating in front of another mistress.

“I was returning from work, picked up all sorts of materials for repair of the apartment. Calling his girlfriend Alena, he somehow always one Alena was. Asks me some documents to rush to his house. I came, I went into the office and see the picture of this Alain near Alexander Nikolayevich, he is sitting in his Imperial chair, and said to me in an authoritative tone, “get paper.” Answer: “I’m not the maid!”Put the papers on the nightstand and getting out of the office… the First thing that felt –a terrible blow to the head. Followed by a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh… I just covered his face in his hands. It hurt, was bleeding,” he shared terrifying memories of Elena.

The woman said that the mistress of the actor tried to pull an angry Serova from her, but it was useless. After the beating, the doctors diagnosed the former wife of singer numerous bruises, a broken nose and damage to the pituitary gland. Soon the couple officially divorced. Serov promised to pay for the treatment to the ex-spouse.

At the end of the program Elena told the broadcaster that is now engaged in the painting, she has a new lover, with whom she finally found happiness. “I had a daughter that she loved her father, she idolized him like I do… He’s part of my past life. I met a man who saved me, he melted my heart, healed my soul. His name is Maxim, this is the person that can’t stop talking for more than five years” – summed up Elena Serova.

By the way.

After the airing of the program “the Destiny of man” daughter of Alexander and Helen published a post on Instagram, in which he supported the mother.

“My dear mother, no words to Express how proud I am of you! What a wise, wonderful and delicate soul of woman. What a brave thing you did, having decided after all these years to tell his story. You’re done! I wish it all stopped, ceased to swear, and we have found rest and peace in our homes,” he shared with followers Michelle Serova.