The ex-wife of Alexander Radulov told how a bad divorce.

Экс-супруга Александра Радулова рассказала, как пережила тяжелый развод Daria Dmitrieva told about the difficult period after breaking up with a lover. This summer, the gymnast said that has decided to break up with a famous hockey player Alexander Radulov. According to the young women, she had a very hard time.
Экс-супруга Александра Радулова рассказала, как пережила тяжелый развод

In June, gymnast Daria Dmitrieva said that made the decision to break up with her husband, hockey player Alexander Radulov. News about the separation of athletes surprised their fans. It seemed that the relationship of the young people everything is perfect. In this regard, many recalled the lavish wedding ceremony of the pair, inspired by the myths of Ancient Greece, which took place in June 2016.

In early November, Dmitrieva suddenly shared the gift from Radulov, than has caused confusion among subscribers. Some of them have suggested that the former beloved is trying to establish a relationship. Anyway, a month later, Daria said that helped her to recover after a breakup with a loved one. According to users of social networks, in this post she told about the divorce with Radulov.

“This year has taught me how to fix his own heart, as to put those parts again, how to do this without the people you thought they will be in your life for a long time. This year has taught me that nobody’s really wrong with you that you need to deal with yourself. No one will put you back on your feet, but yourself,” said Daria.
Экс-супруга Александра Радулова рассказала, как пережила тяжелый развод

Fans of gymnasts was supported by her encouraging comments. “As the same says it all,” “I Have the same situation and exactly the same thoughts. Happiness to you”, “Very hard year”, “one to One”, “Not all that bad. All good things to come”, “Surprised at your amazing ability to pick exactly the words… Bright, emotionally Express their thoughts”, “All the way. The only hope”, “” – discussed in the Network.

Earlier Daria Dmitrieva told about the reasons why she broke up with the chosen one. According to the young woman, with Alexander arose irreconcilable differences in marriage.

“The initiator of the divorce was me. Alexander, a worthy man, a great father, but there are things that I personally can not tolerate that. There are moral principles! It’s still my fault. I thought people change, but it was a ridiculous mistake! Remember: one person for another will never change! And we need to accept each other for who we are! He loved, I am loved, but living with it was impossible. There is a limit. I like people that are not for everyone,” wrote Daria.

In his address, Dmitriev stressed that he and Alexander plan to continue together to raise her son Makar. “Believe me, it grows in immense care and love. The division of property will not, we have a prenup! In court we signed a peace Treaty. Of course, a lot of pain brought each other especially during these six months. Now the two of us are trying to build friendships and, of course, do not forget that we are first and foremost parents,” – said the gymnast.