The ex-wife of a famous hockey player accused him of violence

Экс-жена известного хоккеиста обвинила его в насилии The ex-wife of Denis Golubev has revealed shocking details of life together with the athlete. Model Karina claims that he had raised her hand at the child, and after the divorce refused to pay maintenance for the baby. The man himself denies the accusations.

      Экс-жена известного хоккеиста обвинила его в насилии

      The former wife of a striker of the Kazan club “AK bars” Denis Golubev Karina is forced to seek maintenance for a three year old son Demid through the courts. The woman said that the athlete left her and the baby, and then interrupted communication with loved ones. “Though you are absolutely parallel, I want to say that Demid watch the games and support you in spite of your attitude… Just wondering what it’s like to have cobblestones instead of the heart? What is when greed and backbiting, stinginess and scarcity of mind block all of man?” such an emotional post Golubev made in social networks.

      Later, the young woman revealed the details of the situation to journalists. During the meeting with representatives of the media Kareena said that her marriage wasn’t perfect. At some point life Golubeva became, as she says, a nightmare. The model said that they were repeatedly abused by a spouse.

      “Denis told me that I’m a nobody, barely, and if he wants to, it can easily get me in the car and throw it somewhere on the track so that nobody can find me. Often after the games, he came home drunk and behaved very aggressively, as used on the ice… Dennis, not paying attention to the difference in our dimensions, can easily to push me, wringing and twisting his hands to the bruises, and all this with the baby!” – said Karina.
      Экс-жена известного хоккеиста обвинила его в насилии

      The woman could not look calmly at what is happening in her family. Charter tolerate the antics of her husband, she Packed her bags and went with him to Moscow, where Golubev is real estate – “kopeck piece”, bought in marriage. Karina was left with only one suitcase, other things the model remained in the Kazan apartment where she is now permitted to enter. However, the hockey player, as stated by his ex-wife, calmed down.

      According to the model, the athlete now requires that she left Moscow apartment. Otherwise Golubev allegedly threatening to fire them or sell without consent of tenants. Earlier the hockey player already acted in a similar way: he implemented the “Mercedes”, which the family bought last summer. In it, Denis, as stated Karina, deliberately appreciated the car is 40 times less than its real market value and helped him only 100 thousand rubles. Half of this amount a man is willing to give the mother of his child.

      Экс-жена известного хоккеиста обвинила его в насилии

      Next, Golubev refused to sign documents obliging him to pay alimony son. Karina had no other choice but to go to court. The woman also claims that the hockey player was only pretending to like small demida. In the microblog Golubeva you can find a photo with the child, but they were made exclusively for the audience.

      After breaking up with Karina Denis no longer hide his passion for another woman. At the moment he meets Christine. The ex-wife of hockey player is confident that he cheated on her in the marriage.

      Golubev himself denies the accusations. He does not agree with the claims of the ex-wife. “I don’t want to comment on this nonsense! It’s crazy! Such their statements it is only the shame. I will not do that,” said the man