The ex-vocalist of “Leningrad” disappoint the fans with a solo clip

Экс-вокалистка «Ленинграда» разочаровала фанатов сольным клипом Alisa VOX in late March of the Russian left the band, citing the decision to start a new Solny project. The star today has released the first clip. However, the video was perceived by the fans of the singer is very controversial.

      Экс-вокалистка «Ленинграда» разочаровала фанатов сольным клипом

      Alisa VOX, performed as part of the group “Leningrad” for four years, now operates separately. At the end of March, the girl decided to quit the band that spawned a lot of rumors. It was rumored that spectacular singer had a conflict with his wife, lead singer Sergei Shnurov, however the singer insisted that the parting with the “Leningrad” was solely at her initiative.

      Made famous in wider circles after the song “Exhibit” singer has already started work on a solo album. The first song, which was shot clip, was the song “Hold on”. New hit Alice – an interpretation of Ukrainian song Kuzma Scriabin “Trymay ” hand”. Behind the scenes of the music, quite unlike the melodies of the band Shnurov.

      According to VOX fans, she now works in the style of synth pop. Despite this large-scale announcement of the premiere of the clip, a serious impression on fans he did not make. Two days before the release of the new singer left on her Facebook page the following message: “the video will be exclusively for users of “Vkontakte” on my official page on April 14. And on April 15 the video will be available to users of other services”.

      In the video the main character acts Alice herself, dressed in a daring miniskirt and stiletto heels. Around her shimmer and flashing color bars, geometric shapes that most people that watched the clip associated with meeting rooms Nightclubs and discos and with the era of 90-ies. Under the cover of the clip, laid out on the page in “Instagram” Alice, users of social networks began to post comments in which they expressed dissatisfaction with the first solo work girls.

      “This banter. It is impossible to do so bad. It must be very hard”, “Song of Leningrad with heard to the holes. Was so charismatic and brilliant that no words. Solo career obviously started very poorly,” “In the song no voice, in the clip very much, watch the clip uninteresting”, “I was hoping for something new, bright, strong. Not listening even to the end: pop pop, wildly plain text, no music,” such views have left fans of the star.

      Some critics are also of the opinion that this song need to listen, and the video to watch several times to understand what it wanted to say Alice.

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