Экс-супруг трогательно поздравил Анфису Чехову с 40-летием
Guram bablishvili dedicated to her position in the Network.

Photo: Instagram

Despite the fact that Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili didn’t under the most pleasant circumstances (it turned out that the actor cheated on his wife), they retain a friendly relationship. Today, on the birthday Chekhova, Guram very touching congratulated her in his personal blog.

“I congratulate you, my dear man! — he wrote. — You know, otherwise you were planning your birthday. But fate is unknown to us. I know she loves you very much and still have time to bestow pleasant surprises. Your strength is inside you! Believe in yourself always! Never, never turn it sour. You just start to bloom! Your individuality is unique. Your life is already wonderful, beautiful, interesting, full, positive, elegant, loving, bright, energetic and zagadochna. Enjoy it here and now!”

This day Came will hold in Sochi, where he now lives in connection with the filming of the show “Balanced people” where is the new host. Plans for private 40th anniversary (in spite of signs that it can not be noted) Chekhova was great. Friends organized the star VIP tour of Venice, booked a cool room in a beautiful hotel and were going to come to her and to celebrate the anniversary so that the Venetians long remember these funny Russian… But no luck!

In a whirlwind of worries about moving from Moscow to Sochi, and debilitating shots in the new project Anfisa did not check their own passport. Only upon arrival in Italy, the “window” stern customs officers it became clear that Chekhova has expired, a Schengen visa!

“Safely having reached Venice, at passport control, I found that my Schengen ended on December 14 — says TV presenter. — I got so worked up that I forgot to look until I have a visa. With me such for the first time. And in my anniversary I wanted to celebrate in beautiful Venice with friends. Sometimes you want to live in a Hollywood Comedy, where the Italian customs officers, upon learning that I flew in to celebrate my OTHER, sing a funny song in the style of Celentano, dancing mass dance in the airport and miss me with the words: “Lovely Señorita, we don’t want to ruin your holiday, go to our country with an expired visa, celebrate, have fun! This is your day, be happy!” But Hollywood comedies are so different from the real world in which I was deported back to Sochi, not allowing even to talk to the friend who was left to sing alone in the airport of Venice.”

Only one day remained Chekhova, so she was able to organize a celebration in the southern capital. And she did it! Fans can’t wait, when the star will share with them details of the festival.