The ex-spouse Maksakova answered with murder

Экс-супруг Максаковой ответил на обвинения в убийстве Vladimir Tyurin have been in contact with representatives of the program “New Russian sensations”. The man considers himself innocent, denying any involvement in the death of Denis Boronenkov.
Экс-супруг Максаковой ответил на обвинения в убийстве

The murder of Denis Boronenkov, which occurred in March 2017 in the center of Kiev, shocked the public. Opera diva Maria Maksakova for seven months waiting for the results of the investigation. And here, October 9, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has called the customers of the crime. According to the investigation, the case involved the former civil husband of the stars of the scene Vladimir Tyurin.

Named customers of murder of the husband of Maria Maksakova

This news shocked Maksakova and her fans. The singer was quick to share opinions about the results of the investigation in social networks.

“I am extremely grateful to the investigators for their work and support of all concerned. Life is worth to fight for truth and against evil, because otherwise we allow scum impunity and permissiveness”, – said Maria.
Экс-супруг Максаковой ответил на обвинения в убийстве

It turned out that this version from the very beginning considered the consequence as the main. But Maksakova considered it incredible. According to woman, the former lover had no motive for committing the crime.

Then we decided to take Vladimir Tyurin. He refused to give an interview in the program “New Russian sensations”, but supposedly sent an email addressed to the editorial office. The staff of NTV, promised word for word to convey the message of men, so as not to distort the facts.

“I’m not involved in what I publicly accused the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. In this regard, I ask you not to implicate me and my family in their dirty intrigue,” – said in a statement provided by NTV.

Tyurin does not deny that it hurt the numerous discussions in the media, but the man tries to distance itself from the scandal. He thinks he’s completely uninvolved in the incident, describing the criticisms as a provocation.

We will remind that Maria Maksakova and Vladimir Tyurin two growing children. Now daughter and son live with his father and Opera diva is not seen with their own heirs and does not communicate with the former civil spouse. Earlier, ex-lover of a star not go to the link and did not comment on the accusations.

Maria Maksakova has not yet responded but the statements of Vladimir Turina. Now the Opera singer is in the Ukraine, and apparently, to return home is not going to.