The ex-spouse Dana Borisova again took the daughter abroad

Экс-супруг Даны Борисовой снова увез дочь за границу After a drug scandal, the presenter barely established relations with the father of the child. In the words of Dana Borisova, Polina is located in France together with her ex-husband.
Экс-супруг Даны Борисовой снова увез дочь за границу

A year later, after the scandal with drugs Dana Borisova seems able to establish his own life. While 42-year-old star was undergoing treatment for addictions, the child lived with his father – her ex-husband was strongly against the communication of the presenter with his daughter because of her addiction to alcohol and drugs. Since then, the woman managed to restore relations with the ex-spouse.

Now the heiress, accustomed to her father during her mother’s absence, spends holidays with dad in France.

“Polina is travelling by car, will arrive on 6 July. Two weeks before the meeting. Crazy miss her,” said Dana.

She Borisov is now busy moving into a new apartment. She bought a large apartment, which cost about 15 million rubles. Old flat makes her sad thoughts: it was while living there she suffered from addiction. “In a new apartment I plan to move within a month, says TV star. – After a week I have a deal for the sale of the old housing. This means that I can give the rest of the money for a new apartment. The pledge I’ve already made. I have a luxurious two bedroom apartment,” – said Borisov.

Recently the TV presenter was trapped in a bad situation. Dana participated in the program “Who wants to be a millionaire?” with Alexander Gudkov. Over a long period of time no program was aired, so she could not pick up the money. This greatly excited the star, but fortunately the situation was resolved.

“Everyone is interested in, however there win large amounts of money and where does it go! I’ll be honest: I was on a wild nerves. Filmed program in which we reached three million and answered the last question, in January. And live it all not allowed. We thought so long are not shown due to the fact that we didn’t want to pay this huge amount. After all, it was a month after the transfer will show on TV. But no – program showed. So, I will get a card sum, which we won,” admitted Dana “Interlocutor”.