The ex-soloist SEREBRO Daria Shashina talked about hazing in the band

Экс-солистка SEREBRO Дарья Шашина рассказала о «дедовщине» в группе The girl shared the details of his stay in the popular group. According to the girl, the atmosphere in the group always was to her unacceptable and intolerable. Former member never regretted leaving.

      Recently once again changed the composition of the popular project SEREBRO Maxim Fadeev. Only at the beginning of may this year, the team left the 26-year-old Daria Shashina. About leaving the girl reported in the personal microblog, where the heat said goodbye to the staff of the production center and fans. For a long time the only reason for the departure of the soloist called health problems. So, at the end of his musical career in the group was the diagnosis of “congenital dysplasia of the knee”. Replacement Casinoi became 22-the summer inhabitant of Tula Kate Kischuk.

      “There’s a new, cool girl instead of me. Really I like her and think she’s beautiful and interesting. I think she has a great future and all the group SEREBRO and without me all would be cool, even better than it was,” says Dasha.

      Fans accustomed to the screens and monitors to see a real female friendship, but “StarHit” decided to find out whether it exists, and that actually hides a “Power of three”.

      She Daria grew up in a musical family: grandparents, mom and dad – all the musicians, and jazz, so she never saw himself as a performer of pop music, but from personal offers 48-year-old producer Maxim Fadeev to be a principal dancer of girl group SEREBRO was hard to resist. “I did not hesitate, not really reading the contract, just agreed and signed” smiling, says Dasha. But only to such Association, with the girls that reigned inside the composition, Daria was clearly not ready.

      “For me the atmosphere was unbearable, I would say the only terrible thing: “bullying” exists, and it is hard. It did not leave me space for some of their inner creativity, I was clamped and started to get a complex” – says Daria.

      During his stay in the group charming blonde nervous I gained 10 pounds. This was a huge blow, because she always had a slim body and even some time was a vegetarian.

      “I ate nothing, sat on a hard diet, eat one leaf a day, played sports, ran in termostan, engage in a variety of diet program – I did not help” – recalls with horror the young singer. And the reason for this sudden weight gain and its “stagnation” became the strongest stress, which was constantly Shashina. So, it was worth the Dasha to stop singing with the girls as moral and physical condition was on the mend. Currently, the singer looks great, keeps a personal blog, appears at various events with his beloved 28 –year-old member of the show the Voice of Ivan Chebanov. The ex-soloist SEREBRO about the boyfriend: “happiness, I burst into tears and threw herself on his neck”

      Daria sometimes following the work of former bandmates, and notes that the team has a great future. “I really like what they flow now, I just wish them further success. I think they’re cool, they’re stylish, I like the tracks that I heard in General it seems as if they United.”