The ex-soloist SEREBRO Daria Shashina played a gorgeous wedding

Экс-солистка SEREBRO Дарья Шашина сыграла шикарную свадьбу The girl was combined by marriage with the van by Chebanova. The couple had the ceremony in the manor Sukhanovo, which often hosts celebrations of this format. The event brought together relatives and friends of the couple.
Экс-солистка SEREBRO Дарья Шашина сыграла шикарную свадьбу

The wedding of the former soloist of the group SEREBRO Daria Casinoi and former member of the show “the Voice” Ivan Chebanov took place on Tuesday in manor Sukhanovo, located near the town of Vidnoye of the Moscow region. The pair carefully prepared for the celebration, considering every detail in advance. As told Shashina fans, she wanted to create a romantic image. The girl picked a few wedding dresses. The bride asked for help to one of the popular Russian designer.

The boys have organized the marriage registration. Vanya and Dasha exchanged vows, standing on the background of a beautiful arch decorated with flowers. The bride’s face was covered with a veil, and the dress ended in a long train. A few hours before the event Chebanov said goodbye to his bachelor life.

“Time to get even happier,” said the musician in a microblog.

Shashina also experienced on the eve of the big day. Former soloist of the popular trio threw a bachelorette party a week before the celebration. Girls enjoyed the pool party. “All my friends were in bathing suits in pink and white stripe, old battle, pear cider, cupcakes, cheese and fruit, a rooftop pool, dancing. Yeah, I wanted to spend the day!” – shared emotions Daria.

The wedding day the newlyweds were surrounded by family and friends. In order to impress the audience with the wedding dance, the boys took lessons. The hot salsa was struck by the guests of the evening. Dasha is wearing a short dress and dancing shoes. Leading the evening was Leonid Margolin, who works on television and radio. The guests were also entertained by the magic tricks of the magician Damir Valitova.

In conclusion of the festive event, all those present lit sparklers and lined up along the road leading to the gazebo. The Network began to appear the footage, which depicted the kiss of the newlyweds and their emotions. Apparently, at this point, the bride threw the bouquet, the groom the garter.

We will remind, “StarHit” first reported on the affair Casinoi and chebanova. Fans of the artists noted that they perfectly fit each other. Ivan likes to surprise a girl of pleasant surprises. Thanks to him, she believed in their strength as a solo artist. Lover gave her a song that Dora wrote under the pseudonym of Luuna. The ex-soloist SEREBRO about the boyfriend: “happiness, I burst into tears and threw herself on his neck”