The ex-soloist “Ranetok” has endured persecution after the show about psychics

Экс-солистка «Ранеток» пережила травлю после шоу об экстрасенсах Anna Baidavletov shared his opinion about the mystical transmission. According to the girl, once she felt despair because of the lack of job offers, and turned to a psychic. Edition of the program devoted to the artist, provoked lively discussions in the Network.
Экс-солистка «Ранеток» пережила травлю после шоу об экстрасенсах

More than two years ago Anna Baidavletov, the former participant of group “Ranetki”, starred in the program “Psychics lead the investigation”. Then the girl felt hopeless over the problems with the work. After she left the popular band, her career sharply went on the decline. Baidavletov was ready to take up any offers to feed themselves.

In the programme Anna is told that her financial situation is poor. She showed the film crew of the TV show his apartment, which was hung with packages. Marilyn Kerro and Aza Petrenko tried to help the young performer. Estonian witch saw the negative in the past of her mother and conducted the rite, and the other psychic said that in the near future in the life of Baidauletova will be a change for the better.

Экс-солистка «Ранеток» пережила травлю после шоу об экстрасенсах

Not so long ago 24-year-old Anna recorded a vlog in which he answered the most popular questions from subscribers. Many of them asked the girl how she feels about psychics. By the way, earlier Baidavletov said “StarHit” that psychics helped her. “They took the spoil” – shared the girl. Over the years, the artist has again decided to speak on resonant theme.

“The theme of “the battle of psychics”. If this is true… I can’t not talk about it, because it just changed my life. I openly showed the entire country his main problem, that touched me and my mom. It was very hard to cope with the negativity in my direction. People were divided into two camps: those who said that many people live much worse and others, on the contrary, suffered for us,” shared Anna.
Экс-солистка «Ранеток» пережила травлю после шоу об экстрасенсах

According to Baidauletova she became friends with a clairvoyant Petrenko. She continues to communicate with the Asa and members of her family. Anna also stressed that I did not realize until the end of their participation in the popular TV show.

“Since so much has changed. I met people like Aza Petrenko, which has become part of our family. We love her and her family, we still keep in touch… Shooting happened accidentally, I didn’t think this would happen. I don’t even have time to think about whether I want to talk about their problems. But it happened. Just two days told me, “we arrive tomorrow”,– says the girl.

Anna admitted that since her apartment did not happen fundamental changes. Repair is too expensive, said Baidauletov. Despite the fact that the situation of girls has improved significantly, she is a long time could not decide to pay a lump sum for home improvements. Just now Anna has decided to address this issue and urged followers to help her.

Экс-солистка «Ранеток» пережила травлю после шоу об экстрасенсах“Every family understands what to repair. I figured out how much repairs will cost, but the amount shocked me. I earn enough, but to do everything perfectly, need to work hard,” shared Anna.

Former member of the group “Ranetki” and also thanked the people who influenced her decision to start to record videos. “All that I have going on now, it’s only thanks to YouTube. Began to appear some projects,” he told the girl. According to Anna, over the years she gained confidence.

“Any problem you need to overcome and go for broke, do not expect that someone will come and help you. I’m mentally stronger. If I had the choice to go back and change something in my life, I wouldn’t have to change anything,” – said Baidauletov.