Экс-солистка «Ранеток» объяснила стремительную потерю веса Teen idol of the late zero surprised subscribers. The girl managed to quickly get rid of extra pounds after the baby is born, which could not to mention fans. To hide the truth of Eugene did not, and willingly shared the story of losing weight.
Экс-солистка «Ранеток» объяснила стремительную потерю веса

The former participant of group “Ranetki”, more recently, has been agitating the minds of thousands of teenagers across the country, was back in the spotlight. Not so long ago, she started an unusual video blog, together with colleagues Lena Tretyakova and Valeria Kozlova. Video “Facts about our body” that girls was published, aroused great interest among the podeschi. The fact that Eugene Ogurtsova many still remember the teenage girl with chubby cheeks, which she was in the series. And here is the new video of ex-“ranetka” showed perfect form and voiced my weight is only 53 kg. Fans flooded the star with questions about how she managed to achieve such a result.

Eugene did not evade the answer and told how dropped as much as 13 pounds after the birth of her son. According to her, there are no secret tools to use did not have: the secret of success is regular exercise and an intelligently designed diet. To stop there is not going to Eugene.

“At the moment gone already 13 pounds. For a complete happiness left to throw five, the infection does not go away! – says the singer. – I hope the new year will see on the scales the coveted 47 kg!”

This is not the first wave of attention to the activities of ex-participants of the “Ranetok.” In June 2017, after only a few months after starting the blog, Zhenya Ogurtsova wanted to sue too candid posting on the channel. A young mother suspected in the alcoholism and propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations. The girl said that he sees no grounds for such accusations. However, she does not hide some facts from the biography, which to many may seem highly questionable.

Экс-солистка «Ранеток» объяснила стремительную потерю веса“I love to drink strong drinks. Really, I’m just addicted, I think from alcohol. And if I go to some party, guaranteed I’ll be the king of the party: get drunk, gonna dance on the bar and do some more funny stuff” – shared with devoted fans guitarist.