The ex-soloist “Ranetok” Elena Tretyakova fixed shape of the nose

Экс-солистка "Ранеток" Елена Третьякова исправила форму носа
Yelena Tretyakov was a soloist with the acclaimed group “Ranetki”.

Экс-солистка "Ранеток" Елена Третьякова исправила форму носа

Recently, the singer shocked his fans by posting a photo on which poses with a bandage on his face. It turned out, Elena had surgery to correct the nose.

Экс-солистка "Ранеток" Елена Третьякова исправила форму носа

“Today was the first inspection after surgery, which I successfully “floated”. I never thought that the fainting is my thing. In the end I made a shot, took another blood test and extended sick leave. “In bed, Lena!” – strictly said the doctor, “You’re weak! Fat is not present!” If she could see floated my relief. While I can say that the operation I had to fix walls, which were curved on both sides. You already understood that I am a winner in life, right? The photo, by the way, with the filter because of the side effect on the medicines in the wildest of the rash. Class! I will go to keep her in bed… a Hamster with a swollen nose hugs you!” – said Elena.

Recall that since participation in collective Tretyakov has changed dramatically, she lost weight and is now completely happy with my appearance.

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