The ex-soloist “Ranetok” complained about the lack of experience in dealing with guys

Экс-солистка «Ранеток» пожаловалась на неопытность в общении с парнями Former member of the popular group explained why not in a hurry to start a family. According to Nuti, she’s not ready for a serious relationship. At the moment, she concentrated on the job and intends to succeed as a singer.

      Экс-солистка «Ранеток» пожаловалась на неопытность в общении с парнями

      24-year-old singer Anna Baidavletov, better known under the pseudonym Nota, became popular in the Wake of the success of the group “Ranetki” and also after the premiere of the series, dedicated to the musical band. Last year she became the ward Maxim Fadeev, information about the producer confirmed in social networks. Nut recently gave an interview in which frankly told about her life after “Rennet” and the novels with the opposite sex.

      “Ranetki” 10 years later: a failed marriage, illness and techniques of psychics

      The actress told the journalists that maintain relationships with former colleagues. Many of them have already become mothers. She Nuta is in no hurry to marry. The singer is convinced that she has yet to come.

      “With the girls from the group to communicate, but rarely. They are older than me, we all have husbands, children, but I have not settled down (Laughs). On the personal front, while nothing happens, the head is filled with music career and novels. Honestly, I have a little experience with guys because I always put on the first place work. I guess I’m still not mentally ready for a serious relationship” – shared the singer.

      Recall that girlish pop-rock band “Ranetki” was very popular from the second half of 2000-ies. Her first album was released in 2006. All the young people sang the songs of the band, as “She alone”, “It’s all about her”, “No world without you” and “We are Ranetki”. A resident of Stavropol Anna Baidavletov joined the ingénues after the departure of Lera Kozlova. Earlier Nuta participated in the second season of the show “STS lights superstar”.

      In 2008, on the STS TV channel premiere of the series about the difficult way member of the group to fame. The soloist of popular team themselves played their role.

      According to Nuti, she was very hard after the band’s breakup. 17-year-old singer rented an apartment in Moscow with his mother, and money for rental housing has quickly enough come to an end. The girl couldn’t find a job because its all learned and discriminated against. To feed themselves, Nuta starred in supporting roles and is. The life of the singer and actress began to improve only in the last two years. “Perhaps it is because I have grown and changed much I’m ready to declare myself as a solo artist,” quoted Nutu Peopletalk.