The ex-soloist of “Tatu” Lena Katina is preparing for the birth of the second child

Экс-солистка «Тату» Лена Катина готовится к рождению второго ребенка Back in Russia, the artist is not adapted to the conditions of life. Katina glad in all undertakings it is supported spouse. A woman does not exclude that soon they decide to have another baby, but now she is developing a solo career.

For several years Lena Katina, notable for Russian students to participate in the duet “Tatu”, has lived for many years in the United States. The singer felt quite comfortable abroad, as were a number of her husband Sasho kuzmanović. In 2015 they had a son named Alexander. The boy was born already in Russia. The actress admits that much has changed, when I became a mother.

“Don’t even know how I could live before without my son for so many years! I now live in Russia. Came here to give birth and stayed here. We have here grandma! For them, Alexander is a very long-awaited child! I just could not afford to be deprived of the great joy of his family, particularly his grandmother. Although many of my friends twisted at a temple and said, “what are You, stupid? Why don’t you give birth in America? All to the from Russia travel to give birth, and you’re the opposite!” But I do not regret it one bit and think that it was the right choice!” – shared Katina in an interview on the eve of the birthday, which she celebrated on 4 October.

Lena said that in the first months of life it was hard to get used to the cold weather. However, according to the celebrity, she gradually adapted to it. Katina plans to return to yoga, as these exercises gave her strength and energy, and allowed to feel good about themselves. Lena gradually returned to music and is working on a solo album. The actress even began to attend social events. At this time with the son of the singer sitting in her mother and husband

However, star believes that in a few years to decide to have another child. “My husband really want another child. But first it is necessary to work, to live for yourself, and then we will definitely plan the appearance of a second baby!” – Lena has told to journalists “the Interlocutor”.