The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” were told of the humiliating messages from Meladze

Экс-солистка группы «ВИА Гра» рассказала об унизительных сообщениях от Меладзе
The scandalous truth from Olga Romanov, who played in a trio together with Vera Brezhneva Albina and Dzhanabaeva.

Экс-солистка группы «ВИА Гра» рассказала об унизительных сообщениях от Меладзе

Konstantin Meladze

Photo: TASS

The new face leading the program “Revizorro” Olga Romanovskaya familiar to fans of the band “VIA Gra”. In 2006-2007 she performed in the famous trio under her maiden name Koryagina. Behind the scenes of show business became a girl for a serious school of life.

“I started as a singer in the famous group “VIA Gra” Konstantin Meladze. Tell, and my memory brings the picture of a decade ago. Squeaked mobile phone. Came a text from Bones. Heart sank, I know that nothing good in the message will not see. It is. Read that I’m nothing, nothing, nothing would have remained if not for the “VIA Gra”. Tears flowed in streams. With trembling hands immediately dialed the number Meladze. What did I do wrong, than do wrong? But the connection only long beeps. Sobbing loudly. There is no one to reassure — I’m in a strange apartment in a strange city, all alone. Tomorrow is my birthday, the twentieth anniversary. And I’m going to be alone again. These memories for many years haunted me. In horror woke up at night: it seemed that the phone rang. Messages from Meladze — my main fear. He is not liked much talk — either in person or by phone. Wrote text messages, for example, that I am a mediocrity. As a stab in the heart. My self-esteem immediately fell through the floor. The fool was!” — Olga says.

Albina dzhanabaeva and Olga Romanovskaya, Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze

Photo: TASS

New singer performed together with Vera Brezhneva Albina and Dzhanabaeva, which is already considered a major star. The singer lived in conditions appropriate to their status. “And I — in an old three-room apartment Dima Kostyuk in a residential area. Thought it was not to demand better. Quite the contrary — increasingly nagged yourself into thinking that you didn’t deserve this. Didn’t believe in themselves. Really wanted to be good for all. And insulting messages from Bones drove me to desperation, desolation and anguish”.

“After receiving for the first time after rehearsal SMS that fired, I thought I’d die from grief. Somehow I got to the apartment, collapsed on the bed, and lay awake until morning. From me as if all the forces drank. Towards morning fell asleep. Woke up from the ringing of the phone. SMS again. An angry note from Bones: “why aren’t You in rehearsal?!” Gaining, smearing tears on her cheeks, “You wrote that I’m fired”. The answer came quickly: “Run to the rehearsal!” Jumped up, beginning to pace the room. Certainly glad that I did not think to get rid of… Apparently, that’s his style of communication is to bring to the tantrums, to a frenzy, and then as if nothing had happened to beckon back. The Bones are all either in black or white, no halftones. You’re either a star or a mediocrity. ‘ve received from him after rehearsals and good SMS: “Good for you, grow up!” or “You’re very talented, I was not wrong!” Also without explanation or debriefing, I was doing it correctly. Really get in the mood?”

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