Экс-солист группы «Динамит» пропал без вести на гастролях
The wife of the musician called the police.

Photo: Instagram

Ilya Zudin, who became famous as the soloist of group “Dynamite”, the day before yesterday disappeared during a tour in Murom. This was reported by a concerned wife of a singer. In social networks, she published a post asking for help to find a husband or to inform any details.

“Went to the city of Moore and disappeared! We are all terribly worried! Maybe someone saw him in Moore and talked with him today, give some information. To the organizers I can not get out. All the information that I received, have not yet yielded results,” she wrote.

Maria Zudin also went to the police, but there she could not help. By law, the accept statement only three days after the disappearance of an adult. And Ilya’s not been in contact for only about 16 hours. So Maria and I decided to reach out to people.

That ex-lead singer of “Dynamite” (for several years he engaged in a solo career) made it to Moore, Maria learned from his personal blog on Instagram. Ilya has published in this joint photo with Valery Sutkin, who also took part in a mixed concert.

However, after the outbreak of “hysteria” in the Network, Zudin he reached out with his wife. In the comments to her post about his disappearance he also “scored”: “All right!” he said worried fans.

Ilya explained that he just forgot to turn on the phone after the concert, so he couldn’t find. Followers immediately denounced the singer for what he’s forced to relive spouse and loved ones. But some (mostly men) defended Zudina.

“Maybe he needed just a massage and a vacation from the family? What’s wrong with that ? Panic direct. Phone, maybe, to the leg tie? Hang in there, BRO!” — supported the musician in the Network.