The ex-soloist of group “Cream” live in poverty in Brazil

Экс-солистка группы «Сливки» живет в нищете в Бразилии

Actress and singer Teona Dolnikova told a sad story about the life of the former soloist of the popular pop group…

About dark from the band “Cream” Dasha Ermolayeva have not heard. She closed the account in Instagram, and recently she doesn’t attend secular capital party. And while we thought that the girl was out of sight, to experience a happy family life, Teona Dolnikova was published in the microblog post with the shocking story of her life and asking for help.

It turned out that after the departure of the popular team, Dasha is married. But very unfortunate. Husband forced her to sell the apartment and move with him to Brazil. Then the man took all the money and leaving Dasha with a small son, disappeared… Now the ex-soloist “Cream” is seriously ill, but she has no money for treatment in chudai the country, nor for a ticket to Moscow…

“…Dasha got married, it seemed, for a normal guy from Moscow, which eventually forced her to sell his own house in Moscow and move to live somehow in Brazil. Half of the money he just she took, and what was left they bought a clunker, because for anything else they lacked. With half the amount he ran and abandoned his own child a month before his birth, leaving Dasha in debt and in a ruined house, where there’s no place to lie down for… a Very long story and sad. In General, now Dasha is sick and she needs medical care that she had no money. No money even to buy a ticket and come back. And it is not anyone’s Mother died,” – said Theon Dolnikova in the microblog. And then asked all not indifferent to list at least 10 rubles to the account.

Fortunately, a few hours Theon and Dasha was able to collect the necessary sum of money.

“Thank you all for your kindness and participation! We raised money, and tomorrow they will be listed! The collection is closed,” wrote Dolnikova under the post and has promised soon to share the fate of her friend.