Окружение экс-солистки группы «Сливки» обвиняет ее в мошенничестве The sources close to the young woman denied the appeared information about the fact that her husband left her. According to insiders, the story of Daria Ermolaeva, who previously appeared in the Network, far from the truth. They shared with “StarHit” his version of the events.

      Окружение экс-солистки группы «Сливки» обвиняет ее в мошенничестве

      A few days ago in the Network appeared the information that the former participant of group “Cream” Daria Ermolaeva struggling with a disease, whose name is still unknown, and in need of money. Friends of a young woman reported that her ex-husband left her without a livelihood. According to publications that have appeared in social networks, Yermolaev was forced to sell a property in Moscow and move to Brazil. Currently the artist is preparing to become a mother for the second time. With the child’s father, a citizen of Brazil, she broke up.

      The ex-soloist of group “Cream” fighting a serious illness alone

      After some time a friend Ermolaeva Teona Dolnikova told that the fundraiser stopped. Internet users donated Darya 132 thousand rubles. It should be noted that some followers of the artist doubted the story that was passed down hearsay. It is possible that in the retelling there were missing parts. “I’m not going to pay attention to the negative posts! One thing is important – people need help and we all did it together” – shared Teona Dolnikova in Instagram. She also said that decided to turn exclusively to subscribers of their own free will, without being asked.

      “StarHit” contacted sources close to the couple who confirmed the version presented by the man. They claim that the young woman moved to Brazil against their will.

      “Dasha’s husband had previously worked in the bodies and had the status of restricted to travel abroad. She knew when she left. My two-bedroom apartment in Sokolniki sold itself. She had to sell the property and give some of the amount brother. She left the living father, he at a very old age. When he was taken to the emergency room, the husband Dasha went to the hospital and cared for him. He also sent her money to Brazil, tried to help…” said the man, who wished to remain anonymous.
      Окружение экс-солистки группы «Сливки» обвиняет ее в мошенничестве

      Another source from the entourage of ex-lovers reported that the young woman didn’t write down the son on the father of the child, and also revealed the reasons why she moved to another country.

      “Dasha wanted to go to Brazil. He sold his flat to buy a property in another country. At first there was some time, acquired the property. Came back, got pregnant. And went there to give birth. When she was leaving, took with him only a small bag. Said, that nothing more is needed. Denis couldn’t go with her. Specially resigned from the authorities to have permission to leave. But in the end the communication with Dasha ceased at her will. They divorced in the fall in the presence of her father,” said another insider.

      Daria herself prefers to remain silent about the situation. Social media users expect that the artist will break the silence and answer the accusations brought to her.