Экс-солист «Дискотеки «Авария» обвинил Александра Панайотова в воровстве Nikolay Timofeev considers that a colleague in the shop illegally performed his new song. According to the artist, that it owns exclusive rights to the track created by renowned composer Alice Miller, and Alexander Panayotov behaved unworthily.

A former member of the group “Disco “Accident” Nikolay Timofeev suspected of stealing Alexander Panayotov. Says the ex-soloist of the popular band, he performed at a concert in “Crocus city Hall”, held on the eighth of March, his new song “For you” (“February”). Track premiere Timofeeva took place on 18 February. Then came the video for this song.

The author of music and words of the song “For you” (“February”) was Alain Miller. She admitted that did not expect such an act from Panayotov. Alena turned to friends asking for advice.

“That feeling when you hear your song, and you like an artist, but you didn’t give the rights to the song this artist… not only that, you gave the rights to this song the other famous artist… Your opinion, especially the opinion of friends – lawyers, producers, PR”, – said the composer in social networks.

Familiar Miller advised her to sue the singer. They expressed surprise that the song Alena “February” was suddenly sung by Alexander.

Nikolay Timofeev is also believed that Panayotov acted very correctly. The ex-soloist of the pop group stated that they had contacted Alena Miller, give him exclusive rights to the song “For you”. The artist advised his colleagues “to find its author and not to someone else”.

“We live in a civilized world where all the issues can be resolved mutually. I am certainly glad that Panayotov good taste in music, since he chose this song. But Panayotov for permission did not appeal to me, and besides, I would not allow the use of its new material just released itself. I think this behavior is arrogance and disrespect. It’s like that your car goes to an outsider, and taxi at the same time”, – said Nikolai.

Social media users are perplexed, how is it that Russia and Panayotov the same song in the repertoire. “Just a unique case – two premieres in one song”, “What a nonsense”, – commented on the Internet.

At the same time, fans Panayotov believe that the track “February” – perfect for his voice. They Alexander wrote a large number of rave reviews. One of podeschi artist hastened to take his side in the conflict. In her opinion, Panayotov only sang his favorite song at the concert. “I don’t think he “stole” the song. Moreover, he never said that it was his song,” said the girl.