The ex-soloist of Destiny’s Child turned to psychiatrists before the wedding with the priest

Экс-солистка Destiny’s Child обратилась к психиатрам перед свадьбой со священником The artist decided that it is time to contact the experts who can restore her peace of mind. Michelle Williams is preparing to get married with a Church Minister, whom she met when he was treated for depression after infidelity boyfriend.
Экс-солистка Destiny’s Child обратилась к психиатрам перед свадьбой со священником

Singer Michelle Williams is preparing for her wedding with pastor Chad Johnson. However, shortly before the celebration, the artist decided to take care of your psychological comfort. In order to improve their health, she sought help and now some time will hold under medical supervision. Former member of the girls group Destiny’s Child did not hesitate to tell about his intention.

“For several years I dedicated myself to the fact that he drew attention to the value of mental health. Need to seek help and support from those who love and care about you. I recently heard the same advice I gave thousands around the world and intends to get help from a great team of health professionals — said Michelle. Today I proudly, happily and sensibly remain one who continues to be an example, because I continually strive to improve the lives of those in need. If you change your way of thinking, change your life”.

Экс-солистка Destiny’s Child обратилась к психиатрам перед свадьбой со священником

Williams has admitted that she has known the depression. For the first time, she felt terrible stress, when I played in the group Destiny’s Child. Despite the fact that at that time girls were at the peak of popularity, it did not bring joy to the artist. She admitted this to the Manager of the team, but he did not understand what’s going on in the soul of Michelle. Singer even said that she was visited by thoughts of suicide.

The next wave of depression came over her after a breakup with her boyfriend, because he cheated on her. Then she lost all hope to find happiness in his personal life. However, the chaplain Chad Johnson became for her a true panacea. In March last year, when she was still in a depressed state, I decided to do a retreat – a spiritual practice which was organized by Chad. He decided to take the initiative and tried to start correspondence. But for three months they only communicate in social networks, and then met at the wedding of friends.

Johnson managed to force the artist to believe in love in spring, they announced their engagement and the wedding, which will take place this summer. Apparently, Michelle decided to go to the clinic to forever say goodbye to the problems of the mind and find inner peace.