The ex-singer of “Brilliant” secretly gave birth to first child

Экс-вокалистка «Блестящих» тайно родила первенца Anastasia Osipova published in Instagram a touching picture with his son. Fans were surprised by the addition to the family of the singer. Six months the actress has hidden from the public baby.

The ex-vocalist of the group “Brilliant” Anastasia Osipova published online photos of a son. The singer concealed her pregnancy and child birth about six months. Several years ago, the artist was intrigued frames in a white dress, but did not say whether she married one.

“My croissant with. 6 months” – signed photo of Osipova.

As he told a close friend of the singer in an interview with “StarHit” the future father of the child she met on one of the band four years ago.

“His name is Sasha, he is 30, works as a leading lawyer in the Bank. They met last summer, when “Brilliant” singing at the party. A few days later, Sasha found a phone Anastasia, called and asked me out. In February, when after the new year, “Sanchez” Nastia got some free time, for a month took her to travel around Europe,” said a friend of Osipova. The singer tried not to advertise personal life

“Yes, my heart is busy. I’m happy, that’s all I can say”, – declared then to journalists the singer.

Another participant renowned women’s groups, Nadia Handle, also this year became a mother. She did not hide from the fans of their pregnancy and actively shared footage from his personal life.

“Today, there appeared our baby, our girl. To convey feelings of motherhood, that fills the soul, it is impossible. But I really want to thank these Holy men who helped see our son born. Today I realized how important the team of professionals. I was shaking like a leaf, but every minute spent with them, comforted by the credibility of their experiences and actions,” said Nadia fans.

Another “brilliant” Yulia Kovalchuk, together with her husband Alexey Chumakov expects the addition to the family. The singer recently posted a photo with a rounded belly.

“Oh, no! I’m not going to throw you pregnant photos and turn your account in the Mommy blog! I hope, my work, creativity, passion for you is no less interesting, but to tell you thank you for the warmth and sincerity really want.I honestly read all of your almost 2300 comments, and sometimes not just smiling, but with tears in my eyes, you are wonderful! Just know this,” the actress thanked fans.