Экс-супруг Виктории Берниковой раскрыл правду об их отношениях Leonid Plewinski announced that he was not married to former member of “House-2”. Some time ago a couple since the scandal broke. Victoria accused the chosen one of assault and cruelty. Now her husband broke the silence.
Экс-супруг Виктории Берниковой раскрыл правду об их отношениях

Some time ago Bernikov Vic broke up with Leonid Plainskin. As he told the star of “House-2”, the ex-husband was violent towards her. After one of these fights, she decided to leave Plainsboro together with his son Leo. The owner of fashion boutique, it was recognized that the man chased them and threatened her. Leonid himself had recently been in contact with journalists. He said that Victoria is largely telling the truth.

“Victoria likes to embellish reality. We never formalized the relationship. I wanted a quiet sign, but Vika needs was a noisy ceremony with invited heroes “Houses – 2″ and journalists. The mother of my child told the press that we were married, but it’s not. She liked to paint a pretty picture. Such a wife I don’t need. Now I have a new love – I’m Dating a talented singer from Rostov, we are very happy,” said Blasinsky.

Whenever Victoria stresses that she’s an independent woman, which itself has created a beauty salon and develops a clothing store. According to Leonid, the business belongs to his former beloved.

“I opened this salon with his own money, it belongs to me. Left by Vick only to the coming income to feed my son,” said the ex-husband of Victoria.

Bernikov not of the same opinion. She continues to insist that the man still tries to get in touch with her. Version of women, it was Leonid insisted that she was talking about their official marriage. “Asked what gave me an expensive ring. He wanted us married, few times took me to Church, but I was against it. If someone liked the publicity, only to Leonid: he really wanted us to come on the project as participants,” says Bernikov.

According to Victoria, she never filed for child support, as she earns well. The woman doesn’t want contact with the ex-spouse. “Leonid sends me messages that he writes as if he wants to die, they say, I trampled him. This is a dangerous and inappropriate person”, – noted ex-member of telestroke in an interview with the publication “Dom2life”.