The ex-husband of Victoria Daineko publicly presented a grown up daughter

Экс-супруг Виктории Дайнеко публично представил подросшую дочь Dmitry Kleiman went against his ex-wife. For the past two years, Victoria Daineko happened to save Lydia from little public attention. However, the man came out of the child.

Two years ago, the winner “Factories of stars-5” Victoria Daineko and drummer Dmitry Kleiman, a daughter was born. Unlike many stars, who share snapshots of children from birth, the singer tries, conversely, to protect the child from public attention. The actress did not show the baby and was not even disclosed the name. Only recently Dmitry Kleiman admitted to “StarHit” that daughter’s name is Lydia. Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”

In the spring it became known that the couple broke up and in September got a divorce. On the day of his birth a musician first published a photograph of a girl. The baby was sitting on the neck of the Pope. “Libra – we are,” wrote Dmitry.

Fans were in awe of the fact that finally saw her daughter Victoria and Dmitry. They were pleasantly surprised that the musician no longer hide the child. “Libra is the best zodiac sign. Happy birthday”, “Dima, happy birthday! I wish you endless inspiration, realization of the most ambitious plans, success, lots of new projects, fulfillment of all desires! And, of course, even if you are surrounded only by loyal and dedicated people! Be happy!” – wrote followers.

Apparently, after the divorce of Dmitry and Victoria not just to maintain cordial relations for the sake of his daughter. Kleiman told reporters that his parents can’t see my grandchild. However Dayneko accused ex-husband cheating. According to her, the girl’s father finds excuses and meets the daughter at a convenient time. The singer told fans that the man every month gave her only 10 thousand rubles for the maintenance of the child. Cheryl Cole is outraged by the blatant lies of the ex-spouse

Victoria could not hide his joy after her divorce from her husband. The actress called the Union with the musician as “ridiculous story” and glad the moment when will again be a free woman. After netizens shamed her for such a sharp statement, she changed the text. Kleiman announced the divorce with his wife is quite restrained. He published their joint photo and thanked the singer for the happy time spent together.

“Unfortunately or fortunately, our paths diverged with you! Thank you for your daughter, she’s the best. Thanks for everything,” the drummer wrote in a microblog.