The ex-husband of Victoria Daineko hinted at a new romance

Экс-супруг Виктории Дайнеко намекнул на новый роман Dmitry Kleiman has long concealed the events in his personal life. This weekend he decided to present the numerous army of fans of the supposed girl. The musician refused to comment on the.

Musician and drummer Dmitry Kleiman seems to have found a new love. The day before he had followers intrigued by the young beauty. The ex-husband of Victoria Daineko chose to leave a post to social networks without much comment. Members were very interested in the new proposed girl Kleiman.

“Happiness to you, a great musician”, “Beautiful”, “Dimon, whoever it was, you guys look cool! Beautiful girl!” – this reaction came from fans after the man shared the picture with spectacular beauty.

The most attentive members found out that the musician posted a shot with Any photographer Subbotina. Most likely, Dmitry worked with her for one of his projects. Girl shares in social networks for his work. She prefers to shoot portraits of people and specializiruetsya on photo shoots of models. Sam Kleiman prefers not to let strangers in private life. Presumably, the drummer was not easy to endure the attention with which he was faced after her divorce from singer Victoria Daineko.

The young man claims that he maintained with the former spouse on good terms. Victoria allows him to see his daughter. The artist sometimes claims that he rarely arranges a meeting with the heir, but Dmitry has a different opinion.

In October between Daineko and Kleinman had a conflict. The father laid the daughter, though his ex-wife opposed to show the baby to the public. She otreagirovala on the behavior of Dmitry in a sharp post on Twitter.

“For many years watched, not only fans, but also people who wish me all the horrible. These people I know in person, not so adequate, that I’m afraid sometimes for myself. Not to mention your child. So I don’t want pinkie saw her on the Network, not to mention her face and full name. As a mother I have the right and obligation to take all measures to protect your child from problems and inadequate people. So thank you all for your understanding,” wrote Victoria on Instagram.