The ex-husband of Victoria Daineko explained why “abandoned” daughter

Экс-муж Виктории Дайнеко объяснил, почему «бросил» дочку
The singer allegedly limits the communion of the family, Kleiman heir.

Cheryl Cole’s ex-husband Dmitry Kleiman

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Recently Dmitry Kleiman in an interview complained that his ex-wife Cheryl Cole allegedly prohibits his parents from seeing her daughter. Yes, and a musician himself, by his own admission, found a very rare. The fact is that Victoria, after a divorce, says Kleiman, is not in contact with him.

“I pay child support, where without them. Vika reluctant to make concessions to me, my parents and all year granddaughter did not see” — said Dmitry in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”. Kleiman could solve this question through court, but to sue in order to establish order of communication with my daughter doesn’t want to. Dmitry’s afraid it will only further escalate his complicated relationship with his ex-wife.

At the same time the words of Kleiman doubt, as Victoria said in an interview, that does not preclude the communication of Dmitry with my daughter. “I allow him to see his daughter, and do not limit in time. Think of a father in a child’s life, the better!” — denies the words of ex-wife Victoria. At the same time she does not deny that the daughter sees the father rarely, but absolutely for other reason.

“The child he loves very dearly, but in theory, in reality, is seen with her daughter once in two months, living in the same city. I offer many options, and in response to hear: “No time, no time, busy.” Or suddenly he says: “in the evening, at seven o’clock”. And at this time my daughter eats, bathes, prepares for bed. And he plans to play with her! After this game the child is simply excited can’t sleep — said Victoria — I’m not one of those who will say “You hurt me, child!” We have one rule: I don’t invite ex-husband to your house as well as his family. Because I don’t need at home any negative emotions I have every human right to be free from it. But there are plenty of nurseries, parks, entertainment, aquariums. The child needs to walk every day for at least a couple of hours, so why dad with daughter not to go out?”