The ex-husband of Tatiana afraid to go to jail

Бывший муж Татьяны Булановой боится сесть в тюрьму According to some, Vladislav Radimov in trouble again. Residents of St. Petersburg told journalists that the coach caught in a scandalous history. Recently Radimov has tried to solve the problem in one of the bars the cultural capital.
Бывший муж Татьяны Булановой боится сесть в тюрьму

42-year-old ex-football player of “Zenith” Vladislav Radimov, it seems, once again appeared in the scandal center. According to journalists, the coach again had problems with the traffic police. The source, who asked to remain anonymous, witnessed the emotional conversation of the former husband of Tatiana Bulanova important to him on the subject.

It is argued that Radimov communicated with employees of security service “Zenith”. The man literally flew into one of the bars of St. Petersburg, about something animatedly talking to his interlocutor on the phone. The school was a few people, so Radimov was not afraid to be heard. He in detail about something that reported to his friend. Source correspondents sure – Radimov was in trouble with the law.

“He spoke strange words that he was “in the house” and he “need support”. Heard the words, “you can put” and “criminal”. I did not realize that Radimov says to himself. Then to the bar was approached by three men and began to give the players advice, ring up some friends. Radimov at this time, several times mentioned “problems with the traffic police,” – quoted the press of the beholder.
Бывший муж Татьяны Булановой боится сесть в тюрьму

Apparently, the expression “in the house” due to the fact that the bar on Bolshoi Prospekt of Vasilyevsky island is located in the immediate vicinity of the apartment where Radimov married he lived with Bulanova. After the couple broke up, they continued to live under the same roof. The singer said in an interview that she was quite satisfied with that turn of events. In addition, the player can communicate with her son Nikita in the same way as before the official dissolution of the relationship.

In the program “Family album” heir of Tatiana and Vladislav told me that reacted calmly to the news about the breakup of their parents. “Just when they divorced, that is their personal problem. They divorced… that doesn’t concern Me”, – said the boy. The actress added that her relationship with Radimov became “even better than it was.” The ex-wife of the family celebrate holidays and live together peacefully in the same house. Moreover, Bulanova continues to believe the athlete really close.

By the way, Vladislav Radimov is not the first time facing problems with the law. In 2016, the football player was stopped by traffic police for speeding. It turned out that the man did not have a right. In addition, he refused to pass survey on alcohol. The result Radimov was ordered to pay a fine of 30 thousand rubles and deprived of driving license for 18 months.

After the recent incident of her ex-husband Bulanova had to conduct interviews with employees of security service “Zenith”. The source said “Piter.TV” what you saw outside the bar where ran Radimov, the car experts.