Бывший муж участницы «Холостяка» Елены Головань отобрал у нее дочь The dancer admitted that she has a complicated relationship with ex-lover. During the live broadcast in social networks Elena Golovan spoke about his daughter, who lives with his father. Apparently, the girl’s parents are in a state of conflict.

23-year-old Elena Golovan was cast in the show “the Bachelor” Egor Creed. To this end, she participated in the Ukrainian version of the romantic program, and also starred in “DANCING”. Recently, Elena came to live in Instagram to answer questions from subscribers. Along with Golovan & social networks users talked her friend.

Members asked Elena whether she communicates with her daughter. Halavan said that the girl now lives not with her but with the ex-lover. Other details of the ex-participant of “the Bachelor,” chose not to share, giving to understand that is not going to discuss personal life.

“I have a daughter who was left with the civil husband. Her name is Nastya. He just took her from me, that’s all. Yes, I’m serious. I have to shout about it? Don’t want to speak on this subject,” – said Golovanov.

Elena’s friend was surprised by her words. As it turned out, she never told the friend about her daughter. Initially familiar Golovan even thought that she decided to make a joke, but the dancer has denied the allegation. Elena suggested that information about its successor appeared online, so members and asked this question.

About how many years old daughter Elena, who is her father, we can only guess. It is known that the girl was having an affair with a dancer from Kazakhstan Dmitry Twitter. The passion between young men has flashed on the set of the project “everybody Dance”. Dmitry and Elena were Dating long, only a few months. The couple broke up at the initiative of Twitter.

Further Golovan took part in the Ukrainian version of the show “the Bachelor.” The girl fought for the heart of the football player Sergey Melnik. According to Elena, send a request to the casting pushed her grandmother, with interest followed the previous editions of the romantic project. Golovan managed to reach the finals. However, in the latest issue of Miller wearing cherished ring on the finger of the Marina Kischuk. Elena’s disappointment knew no bounds. The dancer sank into depression and no one talked for about a month. Native Golovan did not recognize her.

The setback suffered Golovan, Sergei Melnik, did not stop her to participate in the casting of the Russian show “the Bachelor.” “First and foremost I’m looking for a decent man and friend, who later becomes a reliable support,” said Elena. It is known that the dancer is friends with Daria Lukinoj who participated in the previous season of the project. By the way, it is called the most probable bride Yegor creed. In the first issue, the artist has allocated Daria from among the other contenders for his heart.