The ex-husband of Marina Alexandrova had an affair with the model

Экс-супруг Марины Александровой закрутил роман с моделью Actor Ivan Stebunov was published with a charming brunette. Young people don’t leave each other all night, what provoked the rumors of a torrid affair. According to journalists, the darling name is Ivan Elena Vlasova.
Экс-супруг Марины Александровой закрутил роман с моделью

36-year-old actor Ivan stebunov infrequently published. Recently, however, he made an exception and appeared on the premiere of “Carp crazies” Director Vladimir Kott with the participation of Alice Freundlich, Marina Neelova and Yevgeny Mironov. The actor came to the premiere of not one, but together with his companion. How did you learn to reporters, a friend Stebunova – 28-summer Elena Vlasova.

The event also marked Leonid and Oksana Yarmolnik, Sergey Garmash, Nikita Panfilov with his wife, Roman Makin, Anna Andrusenko and others. The film “the Carp frostbitten” tells about an elderly woman who lives in a provincial town. Suddenly she finds that seriously ill and begins to organize their own funeral. The main character takes matters into his own hands, fearing to disturb the ever-busy son, who works as a business coach. The film won prizes at the 39th Moscow international film festival and at the international festival “Pacific Meridian” in Vladivostok.

As noted, Ivan stebunov appeared at the premiere arm in arm with Elena Vlasova and all night, never parted with it. From the young people looked very happy. According to correspondents, Elena Vlasova was born in Kazan, but now lives in Moscow. Alleged beloved Stebunova works as a clerk in a Bank. In her spare time, she occasionally works as a model: she’s shooting for catalogs and magazines, and also participates in shows.

Экс-супруг Марины Александровой закрутил роман с моделью

We will remind that Ivan stebunov legalized relationship with Marina Alexandrova in June 2008. The actors brought the theatre they worked in the “contemporary”. Before heading to the Registrar, the artists met for about a year. However, the marriage of Marina and Ivan were short-lived: after a few years they decided to divorce.

In an interview Stebunov said that is rarely seen with his wife. The actors had on set, so I try to appreciate every minute spent together. Sometimes Alexandrov staged a spontaneous trip with her husband to Europe. Speaking to reporters, Ivan admitted that his affair with a colleague in the shop was over quickly. After parting, the artists ceased to maintain a relationship.

After Ivan went to Marina, one time he met with Aglaia Shilovskaya, and then had an affair with Ingrid Olerinsky. According to correspondents, the current darling Stebunova also have experience of marriage. The new year holidays, the couple decided to spend together. As transfers “Express Gazeta”, the actor and his girlfriend Elena Vlasova going to go to Georgia or St. Petersburg.