Экс-муж Ларисы Долиной получил инвалидность
With her first husband, jazz musician Anatoly Monchinski, popular singer Larisa Dolina was married for 10 years.

Экс-муж Ларисы Долиной получил инвалидность

After a divorce, the singer did not allow the ex-spouse to communicate with a shared daughter angelina and granddaughter Alexandra. Monchinski very worried because of this, and it turned out that he had serious health problems.

Экс-муж Ларисы Долиной получил инвалидность

“I was given a disability – says Anatoly reporters. In 2008 I first got sick the calves of the legs, urgently needed surgery. The disease has receded, but has now returned with new force: whining feet. I find it very hard to walk all day have to stay home. Was forced to give up work and car!

The next operation to do I’m afraid: God forbid, even a leg amputated. Now waiting to die. I don’t need anyone, friends not visiting, and the daughter only calls twice a year. I really want to see my grandchild, but I do not give to see her for five years. And I’m so proud of it!”

It should be noted that the Valley was married to Myonchinskyi in the early 80-ies. And after the divorce ended with him any of the links.

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