Экс-муж Ирины Пеговой тайно женился
Dmitry Orlov establish personal life.

Dmitry Orlov and Natalia

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Dmitry Orlov, the former husband of Irina Pegawai, played a secret wedding. According to press reports, the choice of the actor was Natalia hyles, working as a beautician.

Apparently, the happy event occurred at the end of last year, but fans Orlov declassified only now. In addition, the actor credited with the imminent addition to the family. “Dmitry is now in the position of “love, love silence”. Therefore, about the current spouse keeps his mouth shut. And his colleagues, we have already tipped that the new family for the summer expected completion — son!” as reported in the EG.ru.

By the way, the eagles spent eight years married to Pegawai. The ex-couple have a daughter Tatiana. Acting couple was considered exemplary. In an interview with “7 days” Dmitry once said that he was very happy in the relationship with his wife: “I am an ordinary man, tenderly loving his wife, actress Irina Pegova, and our daughter Tatiana. Unlike your heroes I am absolutely a family man”. Parting Irina and Dmitri still keeps in mind their mutual friends and colleagues.