Бывший муж Ирины Аллегровой скончался в больнице
Igor Kale died from pneumonia.

Irina Allegrova, Igor Cabbage

Photo: RIA Novosti

Ex-husband of Irina Allegrova Igor Kapusta passed away today
a night in one of the hospitals of St. Petersburg. It is reported Sobesednik.ru. Information publication confirmed the sister of Igor Galin.
According to her, the brother was dead in the morning. “He is no more with us,” she said.

In a medical facility where Cabbage was planned
the survey, he contracted the virus, with the result that he received a severe complication of infectious
lung disease. To save the man, the doctors failed. With singer Igor
last time did not communicate. After breaking up, the actress was very upset with
the man she loved, often in an interview called him “the love of my life.” Igor
attempted to make contact with Allegrova, but they all failed. One of these attempts — the last — Igor told the magazine “Karavan
Stories”. “The last
meeting, or rather an attempt of the meeting, I remember very well — recalled Igor. — It was in the winter of 2000. Frosty December
day drove to our home in Vatutinki. Got to the gate. Pressed the button
a communication device. Pointless action: surveillance cameras
long fixed my car and me. “Hello, Igor Dmitrievich! —
came the voice of the guard. — Sorry, but you let not told!”

Last years Cabbage was pretty heavy. In 2012
he was detained under article “drug trafficking”. Igor spent
five years in a strict regime colony. Coming to freedom, he met a new love
Natalia Yudin, for which he moved to Moscow.