Экс-супруг Бритни Спирс отпраздновал 40-летие в стрип-клубе
Kevin Federline gave a fireworks display of banknotes for the occasion.

Kevin Federline


Ex-husband of Britney Spears from the heart
have a good time at the party thrown on the occasion of his birthday. It
found a curious place for a celebration — Kevin Federline
the gathering of friends in a strip club.

where guests partied till morning, was held at the famous institution Crazy Horse in Las Vegas. There was everything — and half-naked dancers
club, unusual cake, and fireworks… Cake Kevin made do
original: he was decorated with bundles of 100-dollar “bills” — of course,
edible. And in the late morning, after violent dancing, as directed Federline was
produced multi-shot from a gun — a fake 200 dollar bills! In short
speaking, money has become the main theme of the holiday.

appearances, Kevin hopes to “attract”, thus more dollars. He
they apparently desperately needs, as he recently announced his next intention
to have legal proceedings with his ex-wife. Britney received a notice from Mark Kaplan’s lawyer Kevin Federline.
The letter contains a claim her ex-husband, who believes that Britney him
underpaid. According to Kevin, 20 thousand dollars that Spears monthly
translates to his account as of the alimony on the maintenance of their common sons Sean Preston and Jayden is just ridiculously small. Kevin wants
at least twice more. And if the singer does not agree to additional
payments voluntarily, he is willing to sue.

The lawyer of the singer has managed to respond to the requirement Federline,
demanding an explanation from him why he suddenly was not enough assigned
court child support. He refused to give any coherent
arguments, noting only that he considered his demand a just because
incomes Britney recently increased.
Speaking in Las Vegas, she earned for four years about 100 million