The ex-husband, Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick hopes to get her back

Бывший муж Кортни Кардашьян Скотт Дисик надеется её вернуть

Personal life older sister Kim Kardashian not long ago changed: Courtney broke up with her lover and the father of her children Scott Disick. Despite the fact that the gap seemed a solution in a thorough and irreversible, Scott still hoped that he could be with Courtney.

In the new issue of the reality show “Family Kardashian” Disick admitted sister, Courtney, Chloe, and he hopes to return to his beloved, because he still loves her. But the revelation to men is not over. Scott said his wife gave him three children, still he is attracted sexually, because he doesn’t want to change it at anyone else.
“Technically I could, but I’m not going to feel comfortable. I’m hardly ever able to leave Courtney in the past. She’s the love of my life and I just try to do everything to be with her, but never get no thanks for anything.”

However, Disick admits that their breakup he has played not last role, but he still hopes to return his family: “I definitely see that a lot, actually, my fault, and I take responsibility for everything, Scott said. I just hope that one day Courtney will understand that I never wanted to be with anyone but her.”

What do you think, is it possible family reunion?