Бывшая девушка принца Гарри впервые рассказала об их отношениях
Chelsea Davy shared details of the affair with the brother of Prince William.

Бывшая девушка принца Гарри впервые рассказала об их отношениях

Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy

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relations with the Prince in reality is often a little like a fairy tale. It is in
once again confirmed and ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry Chelsea Davy. Girl
for the first time spoke about the relationship with his brother Prince William and said that
made her put them a point.

Prince Harry and Davy
met in 2004. Their seven-year affair has had its UPS and downs, and at one time surrounded by the Royal family seriously
it was rumored that Harry is going to marry Chelsea. Apparently, young people do suasively strong feelings. But even big love could not stand the constant pressure of the press. According to Davy, any step has been accompanied by paparazzi. Each output of the girls in the light of the details discussed in the media. Manner of speech, figure, hair, clothes — everything was under the scrutiny of reporters. As admitted Chelsea, attention very quickly turned into a pursuit, which started just to scare you. At some point Davey
realized that more can not stand such a life, and took
the decision to part with Harry. From the British press girl for a few years, he escaped to his homeland in Africa. As for Harry, then over time the younger brother
Prince William got himself a new girlfriend Cressida Bonas. And Chelsea have become
gradually forget…

Now Davey again
living in the UK. Rumor has it that Harry is still in love with her. By the way, recently he unwittingly confirmed the story of Chelsea, explaining why still not married.

Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy

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