Бывшая девушка Джастина Бибера Ксения Дели вышла замуж за 62-летнего миллиардера

26-year-old Moldovan model Xenia Delhi, which in the summer of 2015 was having an affair with Justin Bieber, and 62-year-old Egyptian billionaire Osama Fathi Rabah al-Sharif got married on Santorini.

Xenia deli (Xenia Deli) is known as the star of the clip of Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) What Do You Mean?. After the shooting, in the summer of 2015, the Moldovan and American model, singer began a short novel, but closer to the end of the year, Delhi began to meet with the 62-year-old billionaire from Egypt Assamoi Robakom Fathi al-Sharif (Ossama Fathi Rabah Al-Sharif). 4 June, they got married on Santorini.

According to rumors, a big ceremony cost more than a million euros. The bride was in a wedding dress Zuhair Murad with detachable full skirt. The event saw 150 guests. After the wedding, the newlyweds spent a few days on Santorini, and then went to Switzerland where the parents live, Xenia Delhi, from heading to Paris and Lisbon.

The large difference in age of couples has caused a wave of negative comments to the wedding photos on instagram of the bride. Delhi responded with a quote of Bob Marley (Bob Marley): “Who are you to judge how I live? I’m not perfect and not meant to be. Before you point fingers make sure your hands are clean”.

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